Traveling on business to Tokyo with my teenage children. Any suggestions for fun, teen-friendly places to eat dinner?


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Well, there are several amusement parks in and around Tokyo but the most famous is Tokyo Disneyland (not in Tokyo but next door in Chiba). Very easy to get to from Tokyo station. There is also an amusement park located on the grounds of the Tokyo Dome (where the Yomiuri Tokyo Giants play). Some rides and roller coaster. You could visit KiddyLand in Omotesando (a store with all kinds of kid's toys).
Hi anne.When you coming to Japan?Yes,it have alot of different places,depend on places,Anfortunally I living loco(littel out of Dwtn from tokyo)So if you wanna go nice,pretty good restrant,I recommend to go "Odaiba"places,They have amusument park nd some nice restrant in "call palett town shopping mall"(up stair 7F)Also most of restrant and shoppoing stuff provably speak english thought.So be free your mind to go there wiht your children.And food prices not so high.Off course they are avaliablt to take your children too!!
Otherwise,,If you want to relax your feel,I recommend very calm nd so pretty place,This is from Kichijyoji.not so faraway to shinjyuku from there.Some people like these small town,they have very famouse pond nd nature park near by Kichijyoji station(JR chuo)many have small cute nd nice shop nd store there on narrow street.
I like shinjyukku, but if i went there,just feel so tired nd some street unsecure,specially night,So I dont recommend to go shinjyuku nd Ikebukuro city.
I hope to be help your question.Sorry about my english not so good..have a enjoy nd stay fun Tokyo!!If you need help dont upset. anytime ask me!!
There is another one at center of Tokyo. Tokyo Dome City
I think you might as well be specific of what to do and what to eat. There are tons of places your children can enjoy like Tokyo Disneyland and a variety of restaurants your family can dine out in a relaxed mood. The point is the more specific the better to find a right spot that meets your expectation.

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