Hello, dear Localytes and dear colleagues! I am planning a vacation on the shore of the Dead Sea in Israel in November. Can you...

...recommend me a good, but not very expensive, I mean not 5* hotel there? Clean, with friendly personnel and nice food, with the clean and comfortable beach nearby -that's basically all I want :)? Our travel forums are full of controversial stuff, it's difficult to tell the right from wrong. I want to hear your opinion as the locals, perhaps there is a place there where you yourself would go for a vacation with your family and friends? What is the easiest way to get to Jerusalem from the Dead Sea shore? Thanks everybody! Tanya.


Country: Israel


Hi Tanya ,
you are warmly welcome to Israel . I do recommend the Lot Hotel - I was there with a group last week and they were more than satisfied . Very good food , a wonderfull beach ( the Hotel is right on the beach - you don't have to cross any roads . We even had some treatments at the Spa , which is new and elegant . The have a turkish bath also .
Its a private Hotel , not one of the big Hotel brands .
Have a look at the website also

Feel free to ask more questions
sorry , I forgot Jerusalem
There is a bus from the Dead Sea to Jerusalem !
Dear Eva!
Thank you very much for your advice and information! I'll certainly follow it.
Hey Tanya, i have checked the bus NO for you.
You have 3 buses from the hotels area to Jerusalem start at 8AM till 7PM and it taking 2 hours to get their.
good luck and have fun :)
Hi Tatiana,

Sorry for the slow response, I've been on a little vacation. To answer your question, you should look into the Golden Tulip. The amenities fit your request, and their pricepoints fall into the range of a 3 star hotel. The hotel is family friendly, includes a spa with a range of services, a pool, and their own private entry to the Dead Sea.
Further, the best way to Jerusalem from the Dead Sea would be by bus. There is a busline that comes directly to this hotel. I hope this information has been helpful to you. Please feel free to write again if you have further questions. Bon voyage!
2 hotels to choose from - LOT hotel on the beach and the Ein Gedi village but you will need to use their transportation to get to the spa/beach.

There is good bus service with Egged bus company or take a taxi.
Hello to all!
I would like to thank everybody for your kind help and advice! I appreciate it very much.
If you do not mind I have got some more questions. :)

How long, approximately, does it take to get from Tel-Aviv airport to Ein Bokek or Ein Gedi?
I'm sure there is a taxi, but perhaps some other ways to get there - a commuter train or public bus?

Thanks in advance for your help!
Best, Tanya.
Hi Tanya ,

as far as I know you can reach Jerusalem Central Bus Station from Ben Gurion Airport by Sherut Taxi yust at the exit of the airport . From the Central Busstation there is a bus to Ein Bokek Hotels at the Dead Sea .
From airport to Jerusalem it will take at about 1/2 hour and from Jerusalem to Ein Boked-Dead Sea 1 1/2 hour

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