Family visit to Peru in mid March with kids whomare 10,8 and 3. Looking for someone to help us coordinate.

Hello, Looking for some help planning a visit to Peru. Our plans are open. But we know we want to go to macchu picchu and do some sort of volunteering somewhere. Family consists of five people. Kids are ten, eight and three. Need to work with a modest yet reasonable budget and prefer the chance to engage with the culture as much as possible. Will be there two to three or four weeks depending on volunteer activity and chance to learn and practice spanish. Is this something u can help with? Thx


Country: Peru


write to me: , about vounteering well we need to know terms and profile so we could help you trying to find something if we know.
Hello, I am tour guide and work with social pograms. I would like to have more details about your preferences, budget and others. For the moment I think I can suggest to you a local people sharing trip. it means trying to stay with local families where you can practice little spanish, not to pay too much for lodging and having a direct contact with the traditions and local life. I live in Cusco and I work with some andean communities where you can spent some days with the original andean life.
If you need to keep in touch my email is , my name is Ronny
Hello! here in Peru there are so many places to visit. Obviously the MUST DO tour is Cuzco, Arequipa and Puno. But there are other cool alternatives like the jungle (Tarapoto, Iquitos and Madre de Dios) or the beaches of Chiclayo and Trujillo in the north. To stay here in Lima, i recommend the hotels in Miraflores, maybe you can rent a apartment if you want. Now, about the volunteering, there are lots of places where you can do it. I found some interesting sitres on the internet for you:

Also for kids, i know its hard to keep them busy, so if you are here in Lima there are two must places to go with them: Circuito Magico del Agua, Parque de las Leyendas.
Hope this helps!!
By the way, for any more help, we are a fluent speaking couple that gives local guide, guidance and company in Lima, we are PERUVIAN LOCAL FRIEND and our e-mail is so feel free to contact us for more help we would love you to have you here in the city of kings! :)
Here's my recommendations. You can host at Hostal Larco in Lima (Double room, S/.60.00 - USS $23; single room S/. 45.00 - US$18. exchange rate at the moment - S/.2.76 per US dollar) Phone number (511) 447-5374. Good and affordable at downtown Miraflores. In Cusco you can host at Hospedaje Gabriela. Family- run lodging house located five minutes' time from downtown Cusco. It's nice and affordable place for a travelling family. Any other question please write me at My name is Hector
Hi, Centro Tinku can take care of all your needs from travel logistics (through Tinku Tours ) to Spanish through our own language school to community service through our volunteering programs and even homestay in a Peruvian family as an option. Check our website and get in touch with me to discuss dates and itinerary.
Hi. Your visit to Peru is a great choice. If you'd like to, please contact me at . I'm a university student with work experience related to the cultural management sector. Near native english, well knowledge of Peruvian culture and the city of Lima. Free Spanish lessons.
wave good looks Peru has many places to visit and if Macchu Picchu interesting, I know the price comfortable and rezone in places like Trujillo, Lima, Huaraz, Cuzco, Lambayeque, Chicama, various venues, too much sport surfing adventure and trekking, with respect to your question of volunteering, I know in Huanchaco is called "something else" visits his face. thanks
we build the itinerary according the ages of Kids, experience on traveling for kids, places to visit acording the altitudes, we expect first where and what altitude the kids come from so we guarranty the safety and enjoy in their expeditions...
so acording to these requeirements we build the itinerary and suggest the family to make tours around Peru.
don't hesitate to send me your inquiere in private message to:

hello im tour guide in CUSCO if you want more information about peru
try to chek this web site or my mail :
atte: javier
we have many beutiful places for visit and take valuntareering work in the sacred valley of the inkas ...
take look at this page real work of volunteering and spending such good time in peru, cusco machupicchu.
contact to me and let me help to organize what to do here and th ebest budget to go tours..

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