Do you think it's safe to travel to Egypt now?


Country: Egypt


it 's save 100% contact me if you need any information
shereif hussein
Yes, it sure is... No doubt
Yes for sure, we had a goal to resign the president and we did. That is all, now the life here better than before, I was in Luxor temple yesterday and I saw group there
its much BETTER than any other time before
Dear Sir,
It is very safe to visit Egypt now
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its safe more than ever and ull be welcome at anytime sir :)
Of course it is very safe to travel to Egypt , I have now a group of four people visited the west bank of Luxor today and tomorrow we will visit Luxor and Karnak temples and we had no problems here at all
yes its very safe as usual.
Hi - yes I think it is safe to return - foreign governments are already downgrading their travel advice so that travel insurance should not be a problem. An announcement has just been made that all monuments and sites, Pharaonic, Islamic and modern will be re-opened on Sunday 20th so you will be able to visit everything you want to visit. Tourists will be very warmly welcomed.

all the best and if I can help you arrange a visit please be in touch

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel

Hello sir
yes yes yes it is safe to travel to Egypt it is more safer than befor because army protect the cuontry, police protect the country and most important that Egyptian them selfes now share seriously in prtecting them lovely and beloved country. so if you would like to visit Egypt please go a head and i can help you visiting Cairo and Olld Cair and if you wish we can add alex, luxor, sharm elsheegh and most exciting Safari trip in Siwa Oasis please contact me on
its completely safe, now we feel proud, independent and more responsible for our country so you are warmly welcome more than before .
waiting you in Egypt .

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