are there any infos or tours to south korea ?


Country: South Korea


There are city tours in most of the big cities: Seoul, Pusan, Daegu, and GyeoungJu. Even though GyeoungJu is not a big city, the city is historically significant to Korea. Most of the tour buses start or have a bus stop at the major train stations/ or bus terminal for example DongDaegu Station, Pusan train station or GyeoungJu Intercity bus terminal. I believe that there is no charge for the city tour; however, things change quickly in Korea, so there could be a small fee of about 5000 won or about 4$ U.S(not exactly sure but guessing). The bus tours usually take you to the highlights of the city/ or places of significance. The tours start usually around 9 a.m and finish around 5p.m. I mean that there a various times of departure and the timetable is usually outside at the city bus tour bus stop. The bus comes about every 45mins or an hour. I think there is a lunch break between 12 and 1. (not exactly sure). You can get on and off the bus and tour around and wait for the next bus (as I understand). Happy travels. Please feel free to ask me further questions.
Among the best, and certainly the cheapest, Korea tours are the weekend tours offered by the 111-year-old Royal Asiatic Society, Korea Branch (RAS).

These tours (or "excursions") are priced to break even and led by long-term (as measured in decades - not years - of Korea experience) "Korea hands" and native Korean volunteers who have a deeper knowledge and passion about their tours than the professional tour leaders who mindlessly drone on dates and facts without giving the overall contexts of their lightweight explanations (since they rarely know more than what they have memorized).

Most professional Korean tours offer a great way to get a feel for "Korea Lite." But both new arrivals and even old Korean hands go on the RAS tours to learn something new and in depth without being overly academic.

To view upcoming RAS tours, go to .
check out the places first and google. Infos are everywhere you go but not simple to make yourself understood when shopping or doing things. However it may not too difficult to understand and explore the places around here.

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