where are the best places to surf in (or near) san francisco?


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States


Hi there...I have surfed in this area since 1964...please be advised, we have cold water, strong currents, sea weed and sometimes Sharks...that said and you being forwarned that Nor Cal surfing is challenging, I would reccomend Linda Mar Beach Pacifica (beginning to advanced), Ocean Beach San Francisco (advanced...STRONG currents, double overhead waves in winter and spring), Half Moon Bay (beginner) Half Moon Bay Mavericks (way-advanced or crazy...viciuosly radical big waves), Santa Cruz (beginner to advanced...lots o beaches and breaks lots of people). March is the coldest water month 45 degrees, July and August warmest water 55 degrees...Above all wear a wetsuit, ask the locals about the conditions before going out and sit and watch the waves before going out....have a mellow attitude...the locals will appreciate a non agressive alot...and don't cut people off...have fun and stay safe
Here is a great list of surf spots from . Generally speaking, Santa Cruz is the best place to surf in the Bay Area.

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