i am visiting Switzerland in April for a week

i am visiting Switzerland in april for a week. any suggestions on which towns is a must to visit and how should i split my days in order to experience as mush Switzerland as possible?


Country: Switzerland


Either you fly into Geneva or Zurich which are interesting but large cities. I would not stay too long in either but would go into the alpine regions which are so beautiful and so very Swiss. You can't cover it all in one week becasue of the geography. If you arrive in Geneva, stop in Lausanne or Montreux and then go into the Valis region to Zermatt and see the Matterhorn and the other huge mountains around it. On the other side of the Vailis is Leukerbaad which is a beautiful mountaneous natural thermal baths area. Verbier and Crans Montana are also nice mountian resorts in the same valley.
If you go into Zurich stay a coupel days then go into the Interlaken area and Grindelwald where you will see the Jungfraujoch and the Eiger. Breathtaking. Or go into one airport and out of another as there are linking trains everywhere.
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Thank you very much Sonja , very good information.

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