Hi there! Can anyone tell me what the requirements are for driving a car in Portugal? I'm planning a trip in next year and would like... drive a rented car, just for fun. I'm Asian, by the way. Obrigada!


Country: Portugal


Hello. Well, you need a car license, of course. Drive on the right side of the road, be carefull with alcohol (maximum 0.50 g/l). I´m not sure, but I suppose to rent a car you should be at least 23 years old. Have a nice trip!
any kind of drive licence!
Hi Pauline
Requirements are full driving licence.
Minimum age with most companies is 24.
Zero tolerance for alcohol. Drive on the right.

Regards Anne -
Hi Pauline. Along w the other aspects listed in previous answers, make sure u call ur local rental if ur country's license requires any special validation for Portugal. If everything is ok, just come down and be careful: Everybody thinks they are formula 1 drivers!!!
Hey Luis! Tell me about 'formula 1' drivers! There's a lot in the crazy streets of Manila :) Thanks!
Hi!I know a lot of companys that their job is to rent cars but it depends of the place in Portugal that you will travel!Any way in all of my country your driving licence is enough.You only have to be carefull about one thing.In Portugal you drive by your right side!Ok?!Hope being usefull!Prices will depend on the region, days and companys.
Hey Pauline, to drive a car from a rent a car in Portugal you need to have a car licence with two years and have to be at least 25 years old. You have to leave 50 € of bail, (it's in the case of bang or obliterate the car) the rent-a-car returns the bail when you deliver the car.
Hey Pauline

Requirements is driving licence.

Minimum age with most companies is 21 and 2 years experience
Betweeen 21-24 years old some rent-a-car charge a fee.
Hi! there are lots of international car rental services operating in Portugal, like hertz or Avis, you should mail them, cuz they know better than anyone how much it costs, what documents you need, and all that stuff. good luck*
Hi there,
Firt scenario - you hire a car) people outside europe need to have a international driving licence, as we portuguese do when we go outside europe.
Second scenario - you bring your own car) Very complicated.
Obs - Please check the locals rent a cars.
Check out this link
as far as I´ve heard among the other requests you need to have your drivers licence for at least 2 years.
You can try on the websites of the most common rental companies to find out some more information.

hi you just need your driving licence... and big atention for trafic in Portugal the maxime speed in City is 50 - 80 and in outo-rout 120.

Have a nice tripe in portugal and wellcome

Have a look at :

you just need, like in every country ,a driving licence. Ask in your country how to get the international drive licence for europe including Portugal.
Have a nice trip:)
Well, like said before you need a driving licence and check to see if your country's license requires any special validation for Portugal.
Also minimum age for renting is usually 23 and they almost always ask for a credit card as insurance.
You can rent a car at the airport but check the availability online first.
Enjoy Portugal :)
If you need a place to stay (Cascais or Lisbon) let me know (post here) I rent houses, much cheaper and nicer than a hotel. Be sure to check Sintra if you could, a place not to miss ;).
Hi pauline

In Portugal the transit takes place on the right side. In the streets, intersections and junctions, unless signaled otherwise, they give way to traffic coming from your right. At junctions with roundabouts, have priority vehicles that are already circulating in the interior.
The signs comply with international standards.

Documents required:
- Personal identification document
- Driving licenses
- Certificate of insurance
- Evidence of registration of ownership of the vehicle or equivalent
- Document identification of the vehicle (booklet) or equivalent documents

Fines must be paid on site.

Maximum speed limits for cars without trailers and motorcycles:
50 km / h - in built up areas
90 kph - on normal roads
100 kph - on roads restricted to motor
120 kph - on motorways.

Blood alcohol level equal to or greater than 0.5 grams / liter, means driving ban.

The use of seat belts is a must.

The Highway Code forbids the use of mobile phones while driving, unless they are used devices Speakerphone or headset.
Hi Marco! Thank you for a very detailed response. Really appreciate it.:)
Hi Marco! Thank you for a very detailed response. Really appreciate it.:)
A full (EU acceptable and clean) driving licence.
Minimum age > 24.
Zero tolerance for alcohol.
Drive on the right
Any license will due as long has you have your passport with you , but you are better off if you get your international driving license " which you could get from your local AAA"

Be care full with the drinking they don't play around with that here ,...
antonio, do i look like a drinker to you? haha. just kidding. thanks for the warning.:)
Hi Pauline,
Like in other EU countries you need a valid driving licence issued at least 2 years before the rental.
Check other terms at:

Good luck
Hey Guys!

Thanks so much for the response. I think I pass most of the requirements - I have a driver's license (although must get an international one), I'm used to driving on the right side of the road, and I'm barely hanging on to 39 so I'm way above the age limit!:)

You are all so helpful! Thanks and will be posting more questions for sure.

You need a driver's license, be careful with pedestrians, keep on the right lane on the highway, and just use common sense
try here to hire
Hi Pauline,

You need to have your international driving licence and your passport with you. Besides this, the documentation of the car (vehicle registration document and certificate of insurance), but these supposed to come with your rental car.
If you are coming to the Algarve (the southern region), I can sort out a good deal for you with full insurance coverage.

And an advice:
portuguese are really really bad drivers, they don't really care that someone else is on the road too, they are not polite at all. So if you visiting big cities like Lisbon or Porto, drive carefully, or take the public transportation, which is really good.

On this website you find more useful info about it:

If you have any question, just feel free...
Hi Krisztina,

Thank you so much. Will definitely keep you in mind. As for the bad drivers, thank you for the advise. But I have to tell you, I'm very well-trained. There's nothing worse than Manila traffic :)
Just a valid european driver's license.
Hi Joao! Kamusta?! I saw your profile. You lived here for 9 years, wow! My family is from Aklan, near Antique. Small world.:)
just look at AVIS or EUROPCAR at web
You need a drivers license. You can only drive in Portugal and need permission and additional insurance when you want to go to another country with your car (like Spain).
Most companies rent cars with unlimited km's but not fully insured. There is always some risk for yourself. You can get an additional insurance.
Driving in Portugal was very dangerous in the past but has improved the last couple of years.It's important that you get the information about all the rules.
Just a tip
Hi, beside what you already learned here, and since you have the should visit Portugal..."outside" your turist guide ;)
Hi. What do you mean? Any suggestions?:)

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