skydiving other than royal jordan aerosport club



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i am afraid not .. it`s the only one here in jordan that offers such services.
actually no you cant do skysiving unless through this Club which was founded by H.R.H King Abdullah after discovering the thrill of flying and seeing the beauty of His Kingdom from the air.
you can easily rent a small plane and jump no body will stop you
Hi, I have been at this club in Aqaba but it was expensive, app. 75JD for 45 minutes. I will check for you which other clubs are available and let you know.
i dont have good experience in this sport , but i can say that i like sport very much and i can be ready in any thing in field of sport.
that is the only club that has skydiving.
this is the only club offers such service
The only registered one ;)
the only one available so far..
unfortunately there is no skydiving in this club any more,spoke to manager there
The RASCJ offers numerous aero sports activities including Micro-light flying and Single Engine flight training. The Club however is internationally renowned for two main activities; Parachuting and Hot Air Ballooning with two major international parachuting events being held at the club in recent years. The club is located in the thriving aquatic city of Aqaba and is open daily throughout the year due to the constant warm climate of this coastal resort.
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