We are looking at joining my husband in bahrain. Where is the best area to live for young families (3mths -6 yrs).


Country: Bahrain



I would suggest that you stay near Salmaniya, a garden is nearby, so that your youngones can play and spend time with your family during your free time. It is also near the Hospital and convinient market sorrounds the area. It would also be easy if you stay close to where your husband is working, anyway the country is safe wherever you maybe and try to enjoy your stay. Welcome to Bahrain :)

Many European and indeed families of other nationalities live in the Budaiya, Saar, Janabiya area on the North West of the island. There are many compounds there where children can play in safety and which are well equiped with facilities and and in some cases several play areas. All the major European schools and kindergartens are located in this area too.

with regards,
Budaiya,Janabiya : quite area with so many compounds with playground facilities and s.pool. this is expensive area
Manama: Central of the city where u can find so much shooping places,a bit crowded,business area.cost of renting house is's good if u want to close with office area
Gudaibiya: Near Manama with cheap ( around Bd.200 - 350 for renting 2 - 3 bed room unfurnished).this area u can find easily market place.and public access like bus also easy to get.
Basicly all area is safe and having garden as well.welcome to bahrain

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