does someone tell me how i can go to Mt.Fuji from Tokyo? I want to do one day trip to Mt. Fuji. it will be great if someone can be... guide tour.


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Hi, You can take a tour from Tokyo to go to Mt.Fuji.

you also have this solution
go to shinjuku station. ask the japan rail team there for a ticket to fujiyoshida.
this is approximately a 35-40 min train trip, changing trains in the middle. when you get off, the train station at fujiyoshida is a 15-20 minute walk from the base of mount fuji. i also reccomend checking out fuji-q amusement park. theres a huge replica of fujisan in the middle where you can take some awesome photos. plus huge rollercoasters!!
are you still available on September 22? I'm staying atthe hotel sunroute plaze shinjuku. Please let me know ASAP.'
By car, take the express way shutoko 4 gosen (it start around akasakamitzuke), continue on same highway. Passing the takaido IC the road name change into chuo express way. Continue on chuo higway and after otsuki IC keep left to kawaguchiko IC. You can exit at kawaguciko or fujiyoshida IC. On normal road follow the fuji on signs and in 3-5 minutes you will be on fujisubarulane. When you are on fujisubarulane, joust keep going on that road untill you will be at fuji gate. Entrance is 2000 yen, then keep going to the higest level (5) reachable by car. You will be at 2306 meters. The parking is free and if you want you can continue by foot to the top. A particular new thing is that near the fuji gate they made sounding road. You will see a musical note printed on the lane and if you go faster than 50 km per hour inside the car you will hear the fuji mountain song like you are in a music box.
The easiest will be getting bus from west exit of Shinjuku station.
The fare is 2600 yen per person for one way.
The bus departs 7:45 and 9:40 which will reach Fuji at 10:10 and 12:05.
The bus will bring you directly to the 5th station of Mt. Fuji, which is about 2300m above sea level.
Depends on the schedule and weather condition, you might not able to reach the peak. The latest bus coming back to Tokyo will be 15:00 from 5th station. You can go as far as you can and come back to 5th station to catch the bus.
If you have proper equipment, you can stay at the hut for a night and enjoy the sun rise from the top which is about 7hr. climb from 5th station and about 0C up there.

I can give you more details info. if you contact me directly.

For your reference, check this

Ths plan I draw out is Yoshida Trail (Kawaguchiko-guchi) .
You might wish to check out the weather around that area to decide the date and schedule.
From JR Shinjuku station(Tokyo),transfer to Fujikyuko (express)bus,get off at Kawaguchiko station. From Kawaguchiko,take the bus "to Fuji Gogome".
The bus schedule and price from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko Station, please go to Midorino Madoguchi at every main train station in Japan and ask more information there.
The bus schedule from Kawaguchiko station is here
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This site gives information on how to enjoy your Travel to Mount Fuji.Good luck.

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