I wanna traveling to Mexico again. Near by Playa Del Karmen Tell me nice house for rent and price.


Country: Bulgaria


Sorry, but I live in Bulgaria, not in Mexico!
Hi Dear,
Yes, we can help you out with that, with our network of LOCALYTES associates in tourism around Yucatan Peninsula we can find you an affordable lodging to stay there. please call us at : +52(783)118-7155 to make your reservations on time, in advance at your arrival. you can drop us a line also at : to make your staying in mexico as comfortable as we can.
Daniel Delgado-White
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No idea, sorry!
Hey Friend, your question was posted in the "Bulgaria" group, guess you made a mistake?
Mexico I live in Bulgaria fool !!!!!!!!
Have a good time in Mexico then come and visit us here in Bulgaria. Remember vaya con dios...
Nice house am telling you
Ask someone who lives in Mexico, they'll sure give you some ideas.
Mexico is my second country buddy.
You can stay at Grand Porto Real 5 star AI located in downtown Playa.
Try the Sunset Fisherman in Playacar and waking distance to downtown Playa DelCarmen, check out some of the reviews on Trip Advissor, you can also check through any timeshare rental outfit to rent a unit for a week, just dont get hooked into a timeshare sale presentation and if you do remember to say, No, No, No.
Sorry, I"ve never been to Mexico. I live in Bulgaria
Thank you for posting your inquiry, yes you can rent a nice house in Playa del Carmen with a budget between USD 600.up to USD 8 or USD900.00 a month.with utilities included , it depends which time of the year your are traveling.just go to - playa del carmen houses for rent. they will give you the info. you're looking fo. if you prefer we can look for a place for you. regards
sorry but i`m too far from Mexico to tell you something about it.

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