I have a Turkish Driver's license and I have moved to SA 11 months a go I'm currently working and I have a 5 years work permit I...

...want to convert my Turkish one to South African drivers license Any one can advice? Thanks


Country: South Africa


Go to your local License office and speak to them, they will have the forms and up to date information on what is required of you, in what photos etc you will need.
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Please check with your nearest Traffic Department. They are very helpful and can advise on all legal matters in this regards.
You can also enquire with these people
Hi there. I would go to one of the AA (automobile association) shops at one of the big shopping centres first and ask their advice. Usually you can buy an international driver's licence through them based on the one you have already for Turkey. If you really need to redo your licence through the traffic dept. they will tell you so. But that is a long and expensive process which you should be able to avoid because you already have a licence. Cheers.
I agree with Rudi go to your local AA office. They will give you the best advice
You need to take your Turkish drivers licence to the Turkish Embassy and they must give you a letter to verify the authenticity.Then you take your letter to the traffic department including 2 passport size photos. The letter from your embassy will cost about R500. Good Luck Im doing the same with my UK drivers licence.
The easiest way to get the quickest answer would be to contact the nearest AA (automobile Association) office and they will give you the correct information., Could you please contact me on 0847075488 I am interested in speaking to you about a business project in Turkey that I am involved in. Thanks
I have spoken to AA People and they said to me I need to Apply SA ID first.madness what kind of system is that? Back in Turkey we have so many Brits who lives in Turkey I know some of them they been also similar stuation but they ask only Permit which is over than 3 months. basicly any one can change it to local one exept turist visa holder.

you can contact me via mail its


Try to apply for an internationl drive license,go back to AA to ansist you to the right office where you can get the international own.

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