traveller's hostelin Tokyo?

Can you suggest a decent hostel costing less than 5000 yen where I can stay with my son. It would be nice if we could stay in a place were we can meet other travellers.


City: Edo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


hi there give a try to these two places

they are both for the YMCA they used to be about 3500 yen per night you need to call them or send email to confirm very clean, very central, great bath with view!

the second one is the Lutheran Guest house
and this one

try to phone them up or send email.
maybe a little more expensive but better and no curfew. plus common kitchen! yea!
take care
we can meet up if you want.
I only can recommend two places where my guests actually used and they were satisfied.


I don't know how old your son is, but you should check the room charge.
Sakura hostel is located near Asakusa Kannon temple. Fukudaya is close to Shibuya area.
You might want to try this link too.They seem to have a nice spread of locations around Tokyo.

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