Shall us meet this evening? Share fans around a cup of tee?


Country: Morocco


Coffee or tea sounds good but where do you live?
where are you from? where are you now? wich city?
I'm sorry because this is not a question concerning travels or something like that :)

PS: i'm here to give information about places,thank you!
what travel means for you?
very bizard proposal from someone I DO NOT KNOW!!!
you are not social, i think. you look only for peoples you know?
Where?I'm right now in the region of Fez.
because you are new in this technology i will help you out and give you a website called badoo or facebook so you can sahre fans or anything else ,,,,got it sweetheart go have fan tiger
So, you think you are old in what you called technology. If you are interested come have fan, if you are not don't answer
which information you need ?
If Localyte's team wanted to make this website a sort of generalist meeting forum or something other than this, they would certainly do. Then it could meet your needs. And you can not ask us not to answer this thread because we receive personal notifications in our email boxes that ask us to reply!

I am with people who said this website is not for meetings and chatterboxes. This should be a thread dedicated to travel/tourism/Geo issues and so far. So please, next time choose the right target before sending any message. That could save us time and save yourself trouble!

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Hey friends...
Members are right...if you need any tips, informations, help we're here for that but for Meetings you can use another website
thank you for your time

You can also try to meet locals.

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