Camping by Orhid?

Wher is there free camping by Orhid lake. I'll be there at first part of September. Free if possible. Any ideas or help?


Country: Macedonia


Hi,there is one camping name Gradiste.Its on the way from Ohrid to St.Naum.About 20km from Ohrid.Maybe less.Its very good camping for yang people and september is good month to be there.Bye,
Yeah, Gradiste is one of the camps, but its not for free though...
I think that its not legal to camp out of the designated areas for camping. But if you are staying only for one night i think you wont have a problem. I cant give you any specific location for FREE camping, cause i dont know one, you can just land your camping gear on the closest beach, if ur lucky no one will notice you, and youll spend your night in Ohrid, camping for free. But in September, getting a room is realy cheap. It's 5 euros per person or so....
I hope i gave you some usefull informations, have a good one!
Yes its not free,I didn't mention that.But there are no free campings in Ohrid and I never heard of free campings at all.
As far as I know camping in Ohrid it's not free. Maybe is cheaper than other places but definitely not free. Gradihste and Ljubanishta are the one that I know about.
In Ohrid Lake you can find more campings as Gradiste, Ljubaniste, Daljan...but I'm not sure that you can find free camping. Anyway the price are not very high in this period of years...
Although it seems every1 has answer u about where u can camp -the official camps, well ill just tell u that there are some locations where u can camp for free without any1 bothering u. Most of these places can be found near St. Naum. And by no1 bothering u i mean authorities as well as other people.

Like the others said there are no free camping in Ohrid and about the price,in Gradiste as the most expensive one is proximetly oround 1200 MKD or 20 EUR per day.
I see you already have a lot of answers. There are several organized camping areas. But there is also one where you get close to the nature, sort of in the wild. It's near a beach, close to the camping site Ljubanista, some 15 miles from Ohrid. I can give you directions if you are interested. And best period for camping is late August.
yes he is right. in ljubanishte has a stone beaches and there you can be alone(it is outside of the camp and you should take a boat or go try the woods and hill to get there. but the beaches are small. maybe for 5 to 7 people most. no people to disturb just you and the nature. is it very nice place for camping. but be careful the lake there is very deep. if you go there take a obese sleepy bag because the stones are not good for sleeping.
try St. Zaum, its free camping, provides perfect nature and privacy at that time of the year, the only problem is you cah reach there only by water...
There are no free camping grounds in Ohrid and its vicinity.
I can help You, but my advices isn't free. If you are interested please response.
Free camping is not allowed by law, but there are a lot of wild beaches betwen vilages of Peshtani and Trpejce, accissible only by boat , so why not?
Camping on Ohrid Lake
u can contact me this is my mail
I know there is very cheap camping Ferijal Mladost for ex.

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