Hi, I need one expert or local for write for me one article with travels informations about Tokyo, if you have interest please send me... email ( and I send details


Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Just let me know what information you want to know.
Hi, please can you send me one email for and I send for you complete details. I need one very very small guide of Tokyo with one list of attractiona, hotels, restaurants, nighlife, shopping and transportations. Thanks
Hi! I am not an expert writer though I know a lot of places that you want to know about Tokyo. But I think, Mio Murata, the one who answered your query first, can help you more on this matter. Goodluck!
Hi Maribeth,

Thanks much for you attention, I talk withg Mio but I find 1 or more expert for write, if you no is writer no problem, have more value for me your expertize about city, please send me one email and I can inform more details about. Regards, Marcos
If you need gathering more writer, I would like to be your help. Please let me know your status.

Good luck.

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