we are looking for Khaosan local tour travel agency to arrange 2D1N to Pattaya.


Country: Thailand


Any travel agent in Khaosan can book 4 you but the price would be difference with how famous of that agency.

any info. mail me. :D
If I were you, I'll booking accomedation in Pattaya, Transport you can go by bus or hire taxi from Khaosan Rd. but price of taxi you have to deal with driver.

Average fares foe taxi from BKK to Pattaya around 1000-1500 B/Car
Bus fare 120 B./P
No need....Just got the bus or taxi to Eakkamai for bus to Pattaya(around 150 bath) and you can try to walk in....Prise now is cheap ...Travel agency will charged you a lot
Welcome to Thailand. We are Local Travel Agents and provided hight quality services. You just relax and we do the rest for you. We can book everything for you via email before you visit Thailand.

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Please tell us what is your budgets, what you want to see in Pattaya.

We can arrange
Hotel Pick-Up round trip from Bangkok to Patayya (fm 800 to 1500 depends on the car stardards.)
One Night hotels, which near where you want to base. (we will give you suggestions if you prefer near the beach)
Local Tour - Half day or One day.

We are waiting for your email. and look forwards to see you soon.
when would be the trip to pattaya ? maybe if u need tour guide, i could be your guide there. as i used to stay there for a year. u can contact me for more information. how many persons in your group ? are you family or friends in your group ? give me for some more details, so that i can manage tour for you.
It's all very easy to arrange by yourself!
7.00 am Pick you up from hotel in Bangkok.
10.00 am Arrival the pier then take boat to Coral Island.
Spend your free time.
12.30 pm Lunch
15.30 pm Transfer to the hotel in Pattaya.
17.00 pm Pick up from hotel to Alcazar Cabaret show.
8.30 pm Transfer back to hotel and stay overnight.
Day 2
Breakfast at hotel.
11.00 am Pick up and transfer back to Bangkok or Airport
Price 2500 baht/pax
All Included follow itinerary

what do you want in Pattaya

you can go yourself get great rates
contact me many hotels on sale with rates now
Just take a taxi and book the hotel self when you get there.
Or take the offer from the girl that also replyed and let her be you tour-guide/driver if you are not going for the nigh-life and want to see many nice things around Pattaya
a taxi is no more than 8oo Thai bhart
the bus is 170 thai bhart, you don't need to book anything as its low seasion now & you will not pay over the odds. i can show you, you can get a 4 star hotel from 500- 750 TB , FOR MORE INFO...
have a look at
Booking through a tour agency can be costly,you can arrange everything when you arrive.If you need accomadation in Pattaya I can help you with that,I have many contacts here for nice rooms.I will be happy to sit with you when you arrive and give you ideas on the happenings here and where to go.It is very easy once you get here to get around and have fun.Let me know how I can
look in the Bangkok post newspaper lots of deals and 3 day 2 night tours.
about 55$ you will get minibus to take you around and go to Pattaya.(not included gass,food and Guide). i can offer you with the special price. but i need to know how many peoples. and between the way to Pattaya you will can see real life with us.
It will not be too much of a problem to book 1 night in Pattaya from wherevever you are, depending the class of hotel. Also there are many travel agencies in the requested area.
You can find any local travel agency along the Khqosan Road. But if you want to go Pattaya City by yourself. You can reach the Public Bus at Ekamai (Eastern Bus Terminal) from Bangkok to Pattaya. Pattaya's far from Bangkok about 2 hrs. by Bus. Then , when you arrive Pattaya Bus Terminal
you can take any taxi to find any hotels and get information of Pattaya at your's hotel. I would like to recommend you should be select the hotel which located in Central Pattaya.
Hello, I found a nice link for you to find many Khaosan local tour travel agencies.
I hope this helps you.
I think you could quite easily travel to pattaya yourself. No need for a travel agent. I recommend you stay in south pattaya soi 13. Nice and quiet street but just seconds to the beach and the nightlife. You can get a taxi from bangkok for around 1200 baht. If you would like a guide let me know.
Have fun ... Mike
yeah most easily to find it @eastern bus stn.
How many people in you group?. I have a japan car just for 2-3 person. You can stop everywhere on the way as you want. Very easy to pattaya , just 2 hours.
Hi,sorry my place is just in Phuket.Thanks
Khaosan is a great place to visit and I recommend it highly but the reputation for travel agencies there is quite poor. you need a licensed agency and someone who is knowledgeable of Thailand. Please tell me your budget and then I can assist you to the best level possible
no need to contact a travel agency. you can book with us directly. please visit our website:
aside from your accommodation, we can arrange for transfers and tours as well. just contact us directly through our website. thanks
My suggestion from KHAOSAN RD. You can call the cab go to Eakmai and take VIP Aircondition Bus to Pattay.
This is the cheapest way and safe...
I'd recommend to DO IT YOURSELF ....
Take AIRCON bus from Sukumvit / EKAMAI to Pattaya and book a Hotel ahead, or once you are there ...
Try here:
Jump to Ekkamai, Eastern Busstation, board an A/C coach to
Pattaya and Check-in in the hotel you like. So easy ...
have fun

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