Bad idea to be planning a trip to Egypt/Jordan next winter?


Country: Egypt


it depends how far you do believe on destiny
مرحبا بك في مصر في اي وقت لا تقلق مصر بلدالامان
Hello, no not at all. To be honest he troubles are very confinned to one area. In the Red Sea resorts we have no troubles and the Egyptians are doing their best to make everyone feel welcome. We actually need people to visit and try to get this country back on its feet. Also remember that this protest is not about the west or tourists it is about endinng years of opression, corruption and poverty. As a tourist you can help this happen. Please visit. Thanks
اهلا وسهلا بك على الرحب والسعة فان مصر ام الدنيا فلتاتى وستجد كل ترحاب وانا ادعوك لزيارة مصر وانا على اتم استعداد لاستقبالك
Hi - I personally believe not, Egypt will need its tourists to return as soon as everyone feels comfortable and safe to do so and Egyptians in many centres will welcome you very warmly.

all the best

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel
dear sir welcome to egypt any time,egypt save . people do revolution to change for better
you can visit all egypt, any time we can handel that any time you want
please visit egypt
egypt now is the most safe country in all over the world ... you can come any time we welcome you and wish a happy trip
no no non no no no you are wrong Egypt from the safest countries in the world
and you are welcome to visit Egypt any time and i can help you visiting Cairo and old Cairo and our beautiful country side where calm and fresh magnificent weather or make safari trip in siwa oasis or got sharm elsheekh or hurgada or luxor and aswan
why you sad that egypt is safe 100% any time if you dont sure contact us

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