going to Thailand in 2 months...what 5 places are a must see or must do?


Country: Thailand


Hi, this a tough one as I don't know your preferences and your time available, but I give it a try.
1. Bangkok: max 3 nights
2. Ayuthaya: one-day trip from Bkk by train
3. Chiangmai: 2 nights (by air or train)
4. Roundtrip from Chiangmai by public bus, hired car/motorcycle includung Pai, Maehongson (around 4 days/3 nights)
5. Roundtrip from Chiangmai to Chiangrai, Chiangsaen, Mae Sai (you may cross into Burma for one day on a day pass/no visa required), 4D/3N
6. One of the islands in south Thailand (either off the west or east coast) or island hopping. You may go by trains or flights from Chiangmai.
If this proposal doesn't suit you, pls let me know as I have lots of others. If you tell me your preferences and period of time available, I can be more specific.
You could contact me with more of your personal preferences and budget.
Are you coming alone?
The list is endless but would like to stay within your budget need too
You need to be more specific about how long you will be here for and budgets and what you really want from your trip but generally in the North you have Chiang Mai Chiang rai and Pai; Amazing places to visit. bangkok of course is a must even if just for the experience, then many many islands in the South of Thailand to visit on the west coast and east coast. Take a little time to figure out what you want and im sure Thailand will provide it for you :-)
Heja - just consider Wilfrieds itinerary! Then what to see: BKK - Wat Phra Keow/Kings Palace, Boat daytrip on Menam (Chao Phraya River), Shopping at MBK,
Nighttour Silom/Patpong. Sukhothai: Acient City. Chiang Mai: Doi Suthep. 2 Nights in Pattaya,then excursion to alternative island Koh Chang, 2nd largest, Trat Province/ border to Cambodia. (Skip the South)! Hav2 fun

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