what is the best way to travel from Peru to Colombia?


Country: Peru


Personally I would enjoy better doing the trip by land. From Lima or most Peruvian cities the way north to Colombia, going through Ecuador, is an easy enjoyable one. Scenic as the best, going from desertical otherwordly views to tropical rainforest, old viceroyal cities and wonderful beaches.
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Yes, they are right. It's better to travel by plane. But if you go by bus you can know Ecuador and the beaches of Tumbes such as Mancora, Vichayito and Punta Sal. I would definitelly recommend to you Vichayito, it's a really nice place and if you like's the best place to start learning and practice. Blessings.
By Land and you can stop in different places in the north shore...
Of course, there are many factors involved in this decision, most important being where you want to go in both Peru and Colombia. The easiest way would be to fly from Lima. Then of course there are buses that go through Ecuador, but to me the best way is to go to the jungle, like to Pucallpa or Iquitos, and then take a boat down the Amazon River to Leticia. I love Leticia and the boat ride is amazing. It is much easier to organize from Iquitos and the trip takes three days. The boats (lanchas) have cabins or you can just hand a hammock in the common area. Meals are served on the boat and you stop at various towns along the way, like Pevas. I have done this trip several times and have always enjoyed it. You end up in Leticia, Colombia, and from there you could fly to Bogota. Like I said, it really depends on where you want to go. Good Luck!
My suggestion is that you go by flight from Lima, of course it permits to save your time. But if you want to know more about northern Peru can travel via bus from Lima to Ecuador and Colombia.

You have two ways, by plane or by land. One that for me is veru interesting is to entre Colombia by Leticia city in the amazonic frontier.

For that you have to travel by plane or land to Iquitos, then by boat to Leticia, that is a very nice city in the jungle of Colombia.
The bst way, by plane easy and confortable, nut if you like adventure try cia Iquitos sailing amzon River until rice Letricia, which is in Colombia or by the north
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