Do i need a visa to enter Brazil if I hold a Maltese passport?


Country: Brazil


A visa to enter Brazil is only necessary for visitors from countries that require a visa for Brazilian visitors, such as USA, Canada, France, etc.
Visitors from Malta aren't required to have a visa. Check this link:
I would like to answer this question for sure. But I guess the friends below are correct in their answers.
in the following site there´s an option to check if Brasil requires a visa to enter from Maltese people, which indicates it´s not necessary.
Atenção Marcelo Nunes: a França não exige visto a cidadãos brasileiros!
A França é país membro da União Européia e, como tal, atendidos os ditames do Tratado de Schengen, todo e qualquer cidadão brasileiro tem livre acesso a qualquer deles.

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