We are visiting Tokyo 19-28 July. What dates are the Sumida Fireworks displays and where is the closest Hotel for viewing?


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


It's on July 30th this year, so it looks like you'll be missing it :( Should you happen to be here, half the rooms at the Asakusa View Hotel would be great, but the other half face the opposite direction. Most people just line up along the river to watch.
As Kevin says the Akasaka View Hotel is close enough for you to view it from your room if you have a riverside view room. If you want to do this I recommend making your reservation early. Going to the riverside for the event will be quite challenging as the crowds are in itself an experience. The traffice is tied up and people pouring out of the subway is extraordinary. Although the Sumida fireworks are the oldest there are fireworks going on almost every weekend in July. Here is the English link to the fireworks in Sumida.
Some websites say it's on July 30st. You can't make it this year. But there are many firework festivals while you are in town. You might be able to catch another one in or around Tokyo. Actually it's hard to enjoy the Sumida River one because of the heavy crowd. You definitely need a private spot to watch it with fun. Street viewing is just a torture with too many people. You'd better find a less crowded festival as the time gets close.
I am sorry you are missing fireworks ,Why dont you try to finf other fireworks?

According to the Official Japan Tourist Board website, it seems they are July 31 this year. So I guess you will just miss them.

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