We are visiting Cotacahi, Ecuador in Sept. for a month. What is weather like? Is there air pollutuion? Are they building a Copper mine nearb


Country: Ecuador


Hello, well the weather is mostly a little cold but not too much is really pleasent, there is no air pollution at all, since it is a small town, I heard about the mine, it is not so near Cotacachi it is near the town of Garcia Moreno, thats like 4 hours by car from Cotacachi. And as far as i Knew, the mine doesnt work yet. Theres is a lot interesting places you can visit near Cotachi, my family lives there, and if you want I can help you as a guide, or if you need something just let me know, its a small town, so everybody knows everybody, and I can help you with whatever service you need.
Gracias for your help. Will keep you in mind.
Dear friends.
The weather is nearly impossible to predict.but Could be sunny during the day and cool by the nights perhaps you could also include an umbrella in case of rain But most of the times rains a little in the nights .
No mining projects will be allowed for a long time,and may be never in that Zone which is no so rich in minerals like the province of El Oro and is a tourist zone ,the mining law protects the environment and gives participation and choice to the habitants of the place that will never allow mining even that is gold mining mostly.
So is nothing to worry about.
Very good reply and informative.

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