Hi, im coming to NY from England beginning of Sep 2011. I came 3 years ago and did the usual touring, empire, wall street etc. This time i

would like to see Queens, Bronx & Brooklyn, i am really interested in the residental areas, also italian gangsters. Can anyone advise me? thanks


City: New York

State: New York

Country: United States


I can't tell you much about Queens or the Bronx and there are some neighborhoods that you need to be aware of that you probably shouldn't explore on your own.

In Brooklyn, you can walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and take in one of the most beautiful sites of the city. Park Slope, Downtown Brooklyn, Red Hook, and Crown Heights are a few lively residential neighborhoods to check out where you'll find all types of restaurants, stores, and people.

As far as Italian gangsters, I wouldn't know where to find any other than in Blockbuster.

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