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This will depend on your budget. Most expats will live in the Juffair area. It is highly delevoped with restaurants and shops. Fairly easy access to work locations and malls within Manama. If you can give me an idea of how much your budget is, I can give you a better idea of what you can get... Chris
it totally depends upon your budget,most expats live in juffair area,most in manama,there are new rich area's like amwaj island,mostly europeans live in the area's of juffair,saar and budaiya, or amwaj,i prefer if you have a normal budget,come to muharraq,or hidd or arad,its a nice area with nice atmosphere and nice people aswell
hope this helps
Bahrain is not very big,I think best place for expatriates to live in Bahrain is AMWAJ ISLANDS. Unfortunatelly the prices are abit high there but the facilities are really good. In my opinion it is the only place in Bahrain where you can swim right infront of your house, great for water sports, 5 min to airport, %90 population are expats, one of the best international schools is standing there and so on.
In Adliya is a nice place to stay, since it is near to go anywhere and to get everything.
In Saar, it is also nice but i don't know about the price.
Manama for only walking and shopping is safe even at Manama Public Market (Souq), but not for living because it it too crowd.
wish you all the best.
Hi there, as already answered, it depends on your budget and things you'd like to have around. Most popular area is Juffair and Adliya. These areas are full with restaurants, cafes, nightlife. But these areas are also a bit expensive. First think about what do you want. A house, appartment, villa? I know a few very good real estate agents, and they can help you to find the right place for you.

I hope this helps :)
Bahrain is tiny archipelago and the major factor in determining where you
will live is your budget. The new man-made islands like Amwaj and Le Reef
are for the ultra rich. Juffair, Adliya, Saar, Janabiya, Seef and even
Sanabis offer living quarters that can range between 350 to 3500 Bahrain
Dinars. Avoid Manama and its environs as it is too crowded beyond
imagination. There are old compound all over but most of them are fully
it depends on where you will be working its advised to get a place near your work area to avoid traffic , although bahrain is a small country and takes 10 mins to get roughly anywhere when there is no traffic, during peak hours it could be blood boiling , after you figure that out comes the budget you can get a 350 to 550 fully furnishes or semio furnished spacious places in adliya manama downtown or juffair if you want to live in the city if you want to live a bit on the outside sar budaya and galali would be your best bet

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