I need to know de best place for surfers in Costa Rica


Country: Costa Rica


A lot of people go to Jaco to surf but the waves are not always big. would recommend going to Puntarena where there are beaches in Santa Teresa and Play Hermosa. The Caribean side also has some killer waves fit for pro/expert surfers.

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Ok there are a lot of places, the most know are Tamarindo, Jaco, Dominical, Puerto Viejo and Pavones, but a lot of the time that place is full of people, so there are other places that are less famous but good waves and there is way less people.
witches rock, but its remote...camping only!!!
The best place for surfers in Costa Rica is Puerto Viejo de Limon. Since the first of the year, the conditions have been ideal, overhead for pros at Salsa Brava, but for surfers of all levels the waves at Cocles and Playa Negra are excellent, too. This past weekend the Puerto Viejo Open Pro drew a large crowd to the town, and the waves are still stellar- I can see surfers from my window right now!

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