Is it possible to hire a taxi for a whole day to take us around nazca and ica and surroundings? What would the price be?


Country: Peru


I have my car and can drive for whole day to Nsca & Ica for 180.00$USA I speak. English, Germany, Italian & Japanese
drop me on line

If You have in mind to send me an e mail please add your phone number and code area becouse there are many local agency write to make loose time
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Buen Viaje, Matthew
It is possible and definately should not cost you more than S/.100 or the whole day. It would be better to do this than take a tour as you will be fully in control of your time.
Yes it is possible. $180.00 is a lot of money, I'm sure you could get a better price there. For a local, the price is not more than $25 so be careful with what you do!
a random taxi will be 20 soles(6.80 USD) the hour.
Yes it's possible.

The Price will depend. But is better if you hire a company for your security.
Stop posting wrong information. As someone said the cheapest thing could be at least USD 200.00... maybe more. It is 280 miles from Lima to Nazca And: Taking a random taxi is not wise; the driver might not know the road or the car ain't prepared for such a long trip so it should be experienced driver in a decent car
ok..a trip to ica demands 3hours to nazca a little bit more..6 hours.. and if u want to know the entire place i mean nazca lines the main square and some museum.. it'll take u two days.. the cost of the trip by bus that is economy and interesting would be 13$ for the stady there thre are cheap places like hostels since 15$ per night... but for the food, there are pupular markets where u cand find cheaper places to eat... now if u want to fly over nazca lines the cost would be since 45 to 120 dollars.. its an intersting way to know that
Hi. I certainly think that you wont feel the passion os this marveouls place in a taxi, You need a excelente guide that take you to everywhere explining them with the truth no making up stories aas some people do. Aprox 200 dolars will be including ruond bus and an overglight NAzca Lines
Yes it's possible.

Is better if you hire a company for your security.

A good rule of thumb is $12 per hour including gas. You might also want to include lunch for the driver.
Good luck.
Yes of course you can hire a taxi for the whole day, you can hire a company or just one taxi out side of the city hall.
If you speak some Spanish and know where you want to go, you can stand in a main area of either town and hail a taxi. Tell them what you would like and you can certainly find someone who will offer you 15 to 20 soles per hour. (Remember barter is normal when looking for a Taxi) They will like the continuous business so remember you have something to offer them as well. Take note of their car, and the demeanor of the driver - use your common sense on the quality of the service they will provide.

Alternatively you may call a taxi company and arrange a driver for the day. This is called "Taxi Seguro" or secure taxi, the dirvers will likely not speak English.

If looking for an English speaking private tour guide, you may need to pay close to the above quoted prices which seem reasonably around $150-$200 USD though I would suspect $100 is most appropriate.

Good travels!
u sh0uldnt pay m0re than $100, thats t0p price f0r a wh0le day trip n all.
g00d luck 0n ur trip.
If you are thinking on this, first plan your itinerary in order to do not waste time, second contact the previous day a taxi, pointing the kind of car you are hiring, and the hiring final settlement. Although is expensive always will be better to contact a tourism agency, they know where to go.

I do not know the price in the country side, but in Lima considering that the prices are higher, you should paid 20 soles per hour for a taxi in a city route. in your case you must add the distance from Ica to Nazca (180 km)and also the out city tour.
It is interesting to make the tour but yourself, but in order to do not waste time first draw you itinerary and second hire the car the previous day sttled the price of the hire and thchoosing the kind car you want, although always will be quite calm to take a a guided tour.

Regatrding the price I do not know prices on country side but in Lima an average rate is 20 soles per hour for a city route, In your case you must add the distance between Ica an Nazca and also the off city route.

And also consider that you are hiring a driver no a guide.
yes it is possible to hire a taxi for a whole day set the price with the driver you have to negociate it. There is no price list for that
If you are Russian or Ukrainian in Peru
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You better get to nazca by bus for around 40 50 soles and then hire a taxi for the all day for around 90 soles hen u can hire a plane for the tour around 80$ but its a nice trip to get to see the lines!
Have a great trip
Hey Amigo:Put your safety first. Sorry to say that in my country it would be very unsafe to hire a random taxi anywhere. As someone already said before me, from Lima to Nazca is a 6 hour good road trip; you should stop at Paracas, just south of Pisco, beware that Pisco was ruined by a large earthquake two years ago and it is still reconstructing so it is not a tourist attraction by now, Pisco is from where our national famous drink name comes from. You will find very good hotels in Paracas and in Nazca, but the best part is to to take a fly ride over the world famous Nazca Lines, but beware that on those small planes you may feel dizzy easily, and you must carry your own plastic bag for the effects. You should plan at least two days for the whole trip at least. Try a tourist agency is the safest way. Enjoy your trip, the superb peruvian cuisine, and the friendly mood of our local people. I would calculate that a 2 to 3 day trip should mean no less than US 600 dollars; if you go for a cheaper price you would not get the best to live and see. If you go by bus, consider Cruz del Sur buses from Lima; clean, safe and economic, not more than US 50 dollars back an forth.

i think that you can get a cheap price around 150 soles or maybe 200 soles not more than that, you can contact a taxi driver from there and he can should you the best places
Yes, is possible.
One taxi in Ica and another in Nazca.
From Lima to Ica by bus takes 3 1/2 hours and from Ica to Nazca other 3 hours...depending on how you depart from Lima.
I don´t recommend to goby taxi. The best way is in Bus. Look for a good company,it´s only 4 hour of traveling. A taxi driver won´t be able to explain you some facts and you will lose some interesting data. Once you get ICa, look for a guide. I could provide you extra information if you want. The whole thing won´t cost more than $150
hi amigo yes is true first your segurity is very important yes sorry to say it in country . yes you can get some taxis and guide for cheapes but is noy good . yes because to hire a random taxi anywhere could be danderous . and unsafe . i recomend to you better in a travel agency . iam a tour guide here in peru my name is julio cesar i work for a tour agency called peru inkasico that offer very good , safe , responsable and diferent tour .yes well is important . well but yiou should spendf 2 days for know very well . well the price for whole day include taxi .guide and ticket to principasl atraction . well but no naxca lins are include is $175 dolares x person . you you are interesting you can write and contact to me .com or call my celular 997188675

best wishes

Yes , you have to fix this directly with a driver , i Suggest you to contact a travel agent or cruz del sur they have great prices.

Jose Antonio

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