Hi, will soon start regular business trips to Tokyo and wanted to know which are the hip gay places to hang out! Thanks a lot.


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Shinjuku Nichome? 新宿二丁目
Asakusa and Ueno? (浅草と上野)
Hi, you got others' answers yet but i think you would matched more convenient and strategize your bussiness in this areas, Roppongi and Shibuya.
As a gay man, the answer is Shinjuku Ni-Chome. There are literally hundreds of little bars in the neighborhood. Ones you may want to try include Dragon, Arty Farty, Annex, Advocates, Fuji (karaoke), GB, Kinsmen and many more. Staying close to Shinjuku will make your Tokyo experience VERY much nicer. Traveling in Tokyo is costly and difficult. There are also nice gay bars in Shibuya, Shinbashi and a few other parts of Tokyo. But Ni-chome has by far the most. Depends on what you are looking for as well. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask for more details. Cheers.

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