Wanna to go Hong Kong this thursday, any place is good to play?


Country: Singapore


First time there???
Have you been to Disneyland? If not, it's a good chance to go there now, 'coz it might be lesses people there and you can enjoy better.
Or some animal shows at The Ocean Park? There are amusement park there too... ^^ I guess you can play the whole day there...
sorry sweetie,
I don't know much abt hong kong. did you ask thru the right localyte. check if you have done that else it would be wasting of your time dear. good luck and cheers! Happy holidays!
Hong Kong is the place for shopping till you drop..Alternately, you may want to try their disneyland or ocean park or the clubbing street to chill out and meet more friend.
Enjoy your trip..
The street markets there are definitely worth a visit though you'd need to be able to speak Cantonese or at least Mandarin to get by.

I suppose Disneyland and Ocean Park are places to visit too. It all depends on what you're interested in. Try asking people in Hong Kong about this though. You'll probably get better responses than asking Singaporeans. :)
Disneyland.....must go...and lot of shopping for you...try not to take the taxi there...very expensive....try the train there...
Guess you are already there by now and probably already back home ;) But i hope you had a nice time.

Hong Kong is a lovely city, full of character! Did you do Dim Sum and Chinese tea while you're there? And how about saying Hi to the Big Buddha in Lantau Island? I'm sure you did all that and more! ;)

*The Disneyland is really VERY small isn't it???* ;P

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