What do you pack for the Galapagos Islands? Iguana spray?


Province: Galapagos Islands

Country: Ecuador


Jeje.. You should not get to complicated in packing for the Galapagos Islands, It is always a good idea to travel light by bringing only what you need foryour trip. Being over burdened with luggage can make transfers and travel difficult. Keep in mind that flights to and from the Galapagos limit you to a maximum of 20kg or 44lbs. This allowance should be more than enough for what you will need to bring. You can find useful information in the following websites:

Enjoy your visit to the Enchanted Islands :)
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Seeds and pets are not allowed.
Some mosquito repellent can be useful and pills for the boat in case of .
Good sandals, sun glasses, a hut and sun lotion.
If possible a water resistant camera
here a complete packing list!


Small backpack (waterproof)
Comfortable walking shoes
Sneakers with rubber soles
Long pants
Long and Short sleeved shirts
Wind breaker
Bathing suit -wetsuit for snorkeling in cold months (June-December)
Hat or cap
Toilette kit (biodegradable shampoo please)
Sun block
Camera & camcorder
Any medicine you may be taking
Book/ Notebook
Dry landing: guests step from the dinghy onto rocks or a dock.
Wet landing: as the dinghy edges onto a sandy beach, guests step into knee-deep water and wade ashore.
hi, u need camera, sunglases, light wear u do not need nothing special , the weather is like go to the beach, but it is beutiful

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