What's the best way to get to the famous fish market in Tokyo, and does it cost anything to enter?


Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


By "famous fish market" I assume you mean Tsukiji-shijo? The easiest was is to take the subway. Take the Oedo line to Tsukiji station. Also it does not cost anything to enter but you will want to get there nice and early, it is open from 5:00am to 9:00 am, the earlier, the better.

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Go to Ueno market

Official English home page for the Tuna auction market.
Sorry for the late response but just to let you know, you can no longer enter the actual market. Foreigners were causing all sorts of problems and they decided to stop allowing entrance. You can still go to Tsukiji on either the Oedo or Hibiya lines and walk around the outer 'retail' market and have some good sashimi, etc. But the actual interior market is now off limits.

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