Hi i am looking for a transfer from Montego Bay airport to Negril is it a bus or car and hom much it can cost


Country: Jamaica


Hey there, Let me kow the day and time you want this, and i can try to arrange anyone you wish. My cost for that day will be 65 us. This is my cell , you ca also give me a call 1876 891 1932. thank yo Jazz
Hi,I have a Hiace minibus and I charge 55us.You can reach me at 876-422-5600

One Love
Here are some rates:

Car - US$55
Bus - US$70
Limo - US $450
Group - Contact me for incredible deal.
Helicopter - Contact me.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
You have the option of taking either a bus or taxi. The buses are cheaper however they do not take you directly to your destination, a chartered taxi, will pick you up and take you directly to your destination. A reputable taxi company to use would be JUTA tours. They can be contacted at 876-957-4620 or 876-957-9197. You can call them and make arrangements. If there are anymore questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.
A round trip from Montego Bay International airport is US$ Negril.
Let me first inform you that the Car is more affordable. You can budget for approximately usd 60.
hi, I am Lucille. You can always get a robot-taxi from the airport to the bus park for bus going to Negril for at least JA$50.00 and from the bus park to Negril on the bus for JA$500. However, the destination point in Negril might not be yours. So, the other option could be a chartered taxi from the airport to Negril which might cost you about JA$2-3000.00. But, you can always direct you final point of destination to the driver before you enter, and you will be connected. Anyhow you can always contact me at my e-mail. Safe travel.
call me lets talk, 1876-487-0448 best rate ever that is my promise to you.
using a bus it depends on how much passengers. Is it just you? if so a car would be best, bus 3 or more $30 each and car $90 for trip
The cheapest and most convenient way to get from Montego Bay to Negril is on a bus from the airport.It will cost approximately US$25.There are several companies in the arrival lounge that offers this service.
I recommend private chartered taxi US$30 to US$50.Join me on facebook and we can network for better prices or for free from friends.E-mail me
what do you need bus or taxi taxi$50 us bus $80 us
The official transport for tourism in Jamaica is either JUTA MAXI OR JACAL TOURS. At all times it is reccomended to take one of these transports. contact me at 1-876-356-5750 for more information
You can either take the bus or take a taxi the bus is cheaper but the best way is going with Juta tours. Their numbers are 876-957-4620 876-957-9197.
hi you can transfer via tour bus. which there are other localyte on that end. which will assist you better.i am at the other end of the island. good luck on your trirp to jamaica.if there is any other assistance i can help you with feel free to call. 8764825172 have a magical vacation.
Just let me know date and time and I can have you pick up for US$50
There are a number of different ways to do this:
1. A Taxi picked up at the Airport ($80US one way)
2. A pre-organised private taxi ($60US one way)
3. Per-booked on line ($18US one way)which will also carry other passengers to resorts in Negril
4. 3 route taxis (for the brave traveller)one from the airport to Montego Bay $100JMD, one from Montego Bay to Lucea $150JMD, one from Lucea to Negril $200 JMD & if you one the cliffs one from Negril bus park to your room $80JMD
There is a tour company called Jamaica Tours, they provide airport transfers from Montego Bay to Negril, Per person $25USD 1 way - $50USD round trip contact :
Jamaica-tour (Jaital)
P.O Box 1481
New Rochelle, NY 10802
Tel: 347-653-1406
9:00AM - 8:00PM EST or local :
Jamaica-tour (Jaital)
Exchange, Ocho Rios P.O
St. Ann, Jamaica
Tel: 876-370-2186
It will be USD100.00 It will be a bus. Please let me know how many will be in your party and the dates that you plan to travel so we can blocked those dates for you
We will take you everywhere in Jamaica! Rent a car and you will have the opportunity to travel throughout Jamaica enjoying the beauty of the Island and experience true Jamaican hospitality. No matter where you decide to venture Negril, Montego Bay, Kingston, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, Mandelville and the South Coast you will create fond memories to reflect upon when you are away from Jamaica that will draw you back to Jamaica often. Touch the "One Love" spirit and heart of Jamaica with us
Round trip airport transfers are $125 and include a stop at local eatery for drinks and meal before you arrive at your location. Enjoy a ride in airconditioned comfort with a local driver and sample the life outside the resort before you arrive.

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