I'll be enjoyed to have a coffee this evening with English language person who is in Rabat now.


Country: Morocco


can't help you whit that! i am in marrakech.
but i suggest you to go to cafe de france, on the "nations unies" plaza ( united nations square). sure you will find someone who speaks the language.
Hi , well actually im living in casablanca , if you ever come to this beautiful city, you are welcome, we can have coffee any time after work time, take care , youssef
There will be some people speaking English in Rabat.You will find some interesting ones.
Marrakech here.. plenty of english speaking people. let me know when u are in town and sure... a cup of coffee would be nice... why not?
yes sure. I can see you somewhere this evening. if u still can see this message then we can meet after 21h30. where then ?
Hello. I'm not in Rabat,I'm in Casablanca, but I have family in Rabat,so you can meet my cousin he is as well instructed.
i´m shure you will find someone....Rabat is full of english speakers
yes of couse , you find lot of people from Rabat speaking English & they will help you to know more & more about Morocco.join groups in facebook esp 'Around Morocco' & 'Morocco,le paradis africain par execellence'
I'm in Ouarzazate right now !!
Dear Sir:

As you know it is Ramadan and all cafes are closed until after Fitour. If you are still interested, you may email me at and we can have a coffee after Fitour.
Yes you have to go to Atlata cafee and there you find 45% of the people speaking english ;-)
I'm really sorry I can't because i live in Tétouan, but if you come in my zone I'll be grateful to meet you.
Hello Mokhtar

I'm so sorry, I've just come from Merzouga, and I live in Marrakech.

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