Is the metrorail or metromover in Miami a safe way to travel?


City: Miami

State: Florida

Country: United States



The Metrorail or Metromover are actually very cool ways to move around Miami. They allow you to travel without the busy roads and expensive cab fairs. However, just like any city, it is best if you try and stick to daytime use. The crowd can get a little seedy as night approaches. Just be careful as you would in any new city and this is a good way to travel for a good price.

I have attached a link that will help you. It also has maps and stuff. Hope this helps.

My husband I rode it around Miami and felt very safe. I enjoyed getting an idea of where things were while I was riding on it.
Sorry, I can't answer your question. I have never been to Miami. I live on the West Coast, close to San Francisco. But, I do use public transportation when I am in a big city; I am just always cautious. Have a good time!!!
As with any public trans system, watch yourself and know where you are going.
With any public transportation, you will always need to be careful. The Metorail and mover is Safe, alot of fun and if you need to get to several places in one day without having to worry about parking, just park your car in one place and rail away. Look out for peak hours. I have used the train systems to and from Miami and its nice. I would recommend it.
Thank you all so much

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