What is Saltillo like?


City: Saltillo

State: Coahuila de Zaragoza

Country: Mexico


Saltillo is te state capital of Coahuila.
It is a medium sized city, with all the services that a city could offer.
It's located an hour drive from Monterrey (the state capital of Nuevo Leon), and 250 miles (400 km) from the Texas border.
The weather is mostly warm and dry. During winter, temperatures could reach -7° C, during summer, the thermometer reaches 40° C.
Population is just under 1 million inhabitants.
It is usually called the "Mexican Detroit", because the most important industry in the region is the automotive industry.
Don't forget to buy a "Sarape" (a traditional mexican male accesory).
In Saltillo, a must is the "Pan de Pulque" (bread), just like the "Nieve Ramos" (ice cream).
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Saltillo is a very Prosperous City beeing the capital city of the state oh Coahuila.
It is located 1 Hr drive from Monterrey and 8 hrs drive from Chihuahua. It is also located on the Chihuahuan desert.
Main Tourist attraction in the city is its Cathedral , the Colonial Aqueduct , the Sarape Factories , the saraperso baseball stadium , the state capitol building The Centro Cultural Vito Alessio Robles (Vito Alessio Cultural Center) is an 18th Century repository of antiquities and documents from historians Vito Alessio Robles and Oscar Davila. The repository is also a temporal museum. The Casa Purcell (Purcell Mannor) is a Victorian style mansion built in the 19th Century by Irish merchant William Purcell. Today it is a cultural center.

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sort of nice, safe industrial center good museums

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