Anyone interested to join the expat activities in Hanoi cruising Halong Bay with Bhaya?


Country: Vietnam


I f a person like me wants to join you, what can I do or any condition?
Actually, I am asking because I myself is interested of joining the cruise and I'm hoping another expat from Ho Chi Minh would be interested too, so I can reconcile my trip. It would be lovely to go in a group since I am new in Vietnam. My friends in Hanoi are telling me it's different from regular cruise, well I don't have idea what's a regular cruise though. All I know is that it's a big party of the expat community in Hanoi in Halong Bay on board Bhaya Cruise is there any of you guys joining?
I have the same question. I would love to join though
NO, thanks.
I'd love to but my new term has just started so i cannot go. If u guys can arrange in another time that suit for me i ll go with u
I would love to know the timing, the cost and conditions to join with thanks.

The New Hanoians take on Ha Long Bay

Saturday, September 26 - Sunday, September 27
8:00 am - 12:00 am
Bhaya Cruises Halong Bay

The New Hanoian

The New Hanoian masses are making their biggest, most impressive excursion to date. Several of the Groups here on the site have organized successful outings to a variety of locales, but this time we're going site-wide. Any and all New Hanoians are invited to take part in our massive trip to Ha Long Bay on September 26th and 27th on the 1st class vessels of Bhaya Cruises. This will be two days of luxury, cruising around the bay, capped off with a feast in the beautiful "Drum Grotto" with live music, BBQ, and Beer. Here's how it looks:

We'll take off from Hanoi on Saturday morning. Transportation to and from Hanoi will be provided by the always professional services of Aurora Travel. We'll get to the boats around noon and begin our two days of seeing all the sites that Ha Long Bay has to offer. Saturday evening, we'll arrive at the renown Drum Grotto where the highlight of the affair will take place. Few places can match its combination of natural beauty and elegant outfitting. The night's entertainment will be provided by Hanoi's own, The Props, with spinning to follow by DJ Kulture (also of New Hanoian fame). The night's sustenance comes in the form of a BBQ banquet and a couple hundred liters of Czech-style elixir by the Hanoi craft brewer, Goldmalt, as well as dozens of bottle of complimentary wine, Jagermeister, Bacardi, and Zubrowka Vodka from Tan Khoa Spirits (all included in the ticket price). Another day of cruising and we're back to Hanoi. At $99 per person, you'll never get a chance at a package like this again.

I saw it on TV. I like it. I wish I can join.
I want to join too, but I would love to share a cabin with one beautiful young girl( age from 20 to 30 years old).
if you want to book the cruise in halong bay. please tell me.i can book for you. it will be cheaper. because i will book under the travel company's name.
Thanh hoang,
Tel (84)(8)0903 659 593

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