I'm an expat in Ho Chi Minh and I've read about the Halong Bay cruise expat activity with Bhaya, it looks fun, anyone interested joining?

I wanted to go and check it out, if you are interested maybe we can pool together? Give me a shout if you are interested please


Country: Vietnam


You want to pool from HCM to Hanoi ?? Better just fly ... Abt 200 USD for a return flight. By bus will take u only 40 hours one way, abt 30 USD with Sinh Cafe ...
Thanks for inviting. But it is too late. Today is September 7th and it is now 11 pm when I got this notice. Next time anyway.
We are based in Hochiminh City and our activity is to provide cooking class for tourists. Thank you for your invitation and we hope to see you in Hochiminh City too.
Have a nice trip.
No, thank! But you could let me know if any help/info needed.
Tks for your invitation, now too late, maybe next time, and hope to see you in HCMC
Thank for your invitation, but I afraid I can't join you. Have a nice trip anw!
If you are now in HCMC, take a flight to HaNoi with Jetstar or vietnamAirlines, cost is from 60U$/per pax, and then there's various tour-packages that you can choose in Hanoi: .

If you want to travel there by bus along VietNam, choose journey: HCMC- Nha Trang - Hoi An- Da nang- Quang Binh- HaLong. It take at least 6-10 days but truly wonderful. Per back-packaged tourist, budget is about from 700USD per pax.(excluding tour-guide service).

You can contact many tour agents in Pham Ngu Lao str, but foreigners prefer Sinh cafe or Hanh cafe by their good service.

Have fun and enjoy your trip.
What a pity! I received your invitation too late.
Dear Sheree,
Am now busy in Vungtau city, can,t help you out, but i recomment you a best service if you would like visit Halong bay.
Halong Bay is a bit of an oddity really, the beauty of the mysterious, mist shrouded islands that dot the bay standing in stark contrast to the rather seedy little town where you will find yourself billeted. We're proud of that,am sure you will suprise and interested in it.
Tour: two days ( cruise in halong bay)
Headquarters in Hanoi : 49 Hang Be Str., Hoan Kiem Dist.
Rep. Office in HCM city : 40/5 Bui Vien Str., Pham Ngu Lao ward, District 1
Telephone | Fax : (84-4) 3926 2328 / 26 | (84-4) 3926 2329
View website :
Hope you have fun.
I found these link for u...
u can check out the price, and look around some photos of HaLong Bays...
When are u going to travel there?
How many people will go with u?

no thank you my friend. i finished my holidays and start my work in ha tinh tomorrow.

have a great and save trip
many greeting and a wonderful day
thanks for inviting me but now i'm very busy...If you need help, contact me ok
Hi Sheree,
I can't go myself but I will ask around.

Any opportunity to get aboard one of the Bhaya vessels is worth it in my experience. It is the closest thing I know about which could be considered 5-Star on Halong Bay.

From time to time I have been commissioned, as a freelancer, to write materials for Bhaya Cruises and associated companies.

I am not employed by Bhaya, or any of those other companies, and the views in this posting are entirely my own personal opinions. If I thought the opportunity sucked & wasn't worth it, I'd be the first to tell you ... without trying to "tout" you into anything else!
Tks for your invitation, now too late, maybe next time, and hope to see you in HCMC
thanks for inviting. I went there last Feb and I don't think I will be joining. A warning that the food is quite expensive..Be careful!
Thx for inviting, but I recieved this 2 late, I think, you should go to Hon Gai market for dinner and things there is cheaper. If you travel to HCM and want some related travel, I can join
It sounds great. Hopefully, you can find someone.
oh man, it was late to see this question... I'm really interested in this cruise and hope that will get the next trip. If that, please contact to me for joining together
sr Sheree. Am late to answer, I like to go with u because I have never gone to hanoi or halong bay but now I'm busy schedule with my studying. If you have a chance staying at Hochiminh city, I'm ready to do a tour guide for you.
I hope that you 'll be a wonderful time at Vietnam.
Hug you .

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