I'm looking for cheap (but not in hostels) accomodations for 2 people in the Tokyo and Osaka area in 2 months time. I will require...

...a place that is relatively convenient to stay in, close to the train stations, cultural/historic attractions, and city comforts. Anyone have any suggestions?


Country: Japan


Hi Richmond,
The next step up, from the hostels, are the "Business Hotels". They are very basic, reasonably priced and in good locations. Here is the address of the one in Hirakata City, where I live. As you will see it is very well appointed and ideally located - midway between Osaka and Kyoto.
Some business hotels are part of a chain so you may be able to book ahead.
Hello, there are many websites where you can book yourself, this is an example. you may see also the location on linked maps. You may also contact the Tokyo Tourism Division Bureau and ask to find for you cheap stay fitting your needing. I wish it help. Regards.
There are small single rooms with tatami mats, shared bathrooms, showers, pubic baths in both cities. Both are located where the day laborers are hanging out on the streets. Osaka the closest station is Dobutsuenmae, and the place in Tokyo is a few stops outside of Ueno. Also, the capsule hotels are fun.
If you want to stay in a more traditional inn, the Japanese Inn Group lists inexpensive ryokans, including for Tokyo and Osaka. Website is
Good Luck!
Let you know my homepage offering accomodation in Osaka in case you may be interested.
Let you know my homepage offering accomodation in Osaka in case you may be interested.
For Tokyo Shinjuku, you can try this solution.

Not exactly an hôtel, but more an appart, recently open, very well designed and 5 minutes by walk to Shinjuku...
Dear Richmond,
Tokyo is a HUGE city and as such, it is hard to find a place that is near everything. The best you can do is stay in a place in the city that has good connections to other parts of the city. For that, Shinjuku is probably your best bet.
Shinjuku is a major shopping and entertainment area, and has convenient train lines going in all directions to other parts of the city. (Actually, Shinjuku station is the single largest train station in the world–more than 3 millions people pass through it each day!)
There are quite a few reasonable hotels in the Shinjuku area. I would suggest staying on the east side of Shinjuku station. (The west side is mainly large, expensive chain hotels and offices.) You could try Shinjuku Park Inn, Bali Inn, Hotel Listel, Hotel Kent, or Shinjuku Citadines.
These hotels are all around US$100 a night per person. (Japan is odd in the fact that rooms are charged per person, not per room.) US$100 or ¥8,000 is probably about the best rate you will find.
As for Osaka, I am no expert, but I would suggest staying around Nanba or central Osaka. I know that there is a new chain of hotels called Mitsui Garden. (There is one in Tokyo near Yotsuya station as well. Very convenient.) I have had friends stay at Mitsui Garden in Osaka and Kyoto, and they found it quite reasonable and very good quality for money. They are all quite recently built so I assume they are pretty decent.
By the way, where will you be coming from? Singapore? Hong Kong?
Let me know if I can be of any more assistance.

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