I own a travel agency renting out holyday houses to Scandinavian tourists - usually for a minimum of 1 week. Im looking for holiday...

...houses close to beach in Biala/Obzor, Varna and Balchik. Write me for more information!


Country: Bulgaria


Could offer tours for your tourists ...
Thanks! I will keep that in mind. I have saved your contact info.
Hi Henrik, my best advice would be for you to have a look at
Thanks, I will check this site out. Im loking to establish direct contact with owners.
Hi,I can offer you a small family hotel in Ravda for a very good price.Also a two private lodgings in the heart of Nessebar.If you are interested write me on my mail.
Hi,Henrik,I can offer you a small hotel near Ravda in a very good price.Also I can offer you a two private lodgings in the heart of the old Nessebar and a private house with a lovely view.
Hi, Im interested in the house! Please send more info about it to my e-mail
We live in Byala, Black Sea Coast , in a house . We have also an Appartment for rent at 100 meters from the sandy beach . The Appartment is on the ground floor ,very close to the swimmingpool. It has 2 bedrooms, Bathroom,Living, Kitchen,Terras,incomehall. The coach in the living can be transformed in a comfortable 2 person bed . So it's a 6 person Appartment .
If you want more information , please contact me on Skype , so maybe we can do good business in the near future .
Kindly Regards ,
Hugo .
Skype name :
Hi Staes Hugo! I will be in Biala Tuesday and Wednesday next week. I would like to see what you have to offer! Best regards, Henrik
Hi. May be you can find houses here:
Nope, none there, but thanks anyway
If you're looking for something in my area, I can help
Not for now, but maybe you could offer spa procedures combined with staying in a nice house?
contact Club Alder for all assistance at
In Varna we have many offers for rent houses.The prices are from 15 euros to 60 for the night with everithing what you need.
Hi Ferdi, Im interested in that, do you have more info?
I think I can help you with finding houses or family hotels on the coast but I would like to know the quality you are looking for.You can send me details on
I would reccommend you to visit the following web sites:

I hope that that you'll find that information useful.
Thanks, Monika.
What quality do you need? I mean what facilities do you need in the house - TV set, kitchen, for how many people?
The main thing is that the house can be rented without the owner present. I have basic requirements like well working kitchen, hot and cold water etc. I could send you my specification list.
I can arrange you 5 bedroom house in St Konstantin, it is between Varna and Golden sands. I have many friends in Varna, they can arrange many houses in this area. This is their business.
I have a building company. If your clients want to build something here, I have experience.
Hi Hristo, Im interested! Write me directly on . I have been living in Varna since 2005. My wife is from Ruse. I had a building company with 100 workers, but closed it down when the crises started. Sales stopped.
I have a car. I am available to make some marketing in this area. For 2 days I can find more than 20 houses in each resort...
Hello!I can offer a house which is new and cosy here it is.It is located in Sozopol just in front of the beach.If you are interested and have further questions,please don't hesitate to ask.
Hi, thanks for your offer. Currently my "South border" is Obzor, but I will let you know if that changes.
Hi Henrik,

I could offer you some luxury apartments with sea view near by the Sea Garden in Varna.

Hi my friend, take tent and camp on the beach like a real man
what are you searching for? A houses for rent or a hotels, and how many tourists will come?
we cant help you with best praices end suport
Hi Henrik,
A own a travel agency in Varna and if you need a local partner I would be happy to help. Our main activity is adventure travel in BG, but we started developing a new product - self-catering rentals on the coast. We can offer you hundreds of luxurious private villas, self-catering apartments on the coast and local service (airport transfers, private and group excursions, assistance of every kind) for your clients. If you'd like to contact me, please write to .
Ganka Raycheva

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