I need services in USA, pls your recommendation is appreciated

I am looking a travel agent in USA who can organize the tour in New York, Los, Washington DC from 12 Sep to 27 Sep 2009. Please recommend & I will send you email for details. Thanks


Country: United States


I know the president of and have some other
excellent contacts, but I need a day or two to get you those contacts. Would you like
an agent/company that speaks your language, and knows those concerns (culturally?)

If so, please indicate what nationality.


Hi David,
Thank you very much for your answer, They are vietnamese and english language is ok for them. Thanks

You can book flight, hotel, and car rental all on this sight,you can also get discounts by booking them together!Good luck and Aloha!
I don't use a travel agent. One of the things I use to help plan my trip is Yelp ()
Please contact me ASAP with your inquiry. I am available for this tour guiding job!
I am a professional, certified tour guide. Cell: 718 406-2353. We can discuss all the pertaining details.
Thank you.
Thank you very much for all your answers, but I really need a travel agent to organize this trip for my clients. Thanks.
I am available to organize such a trip. Are you looking for reservations only, or a tourguide to accompany you?
Nick Biddle
I will provide you the link that will give you access to tour operators by areas requested.
Washington DC
New York

Los Angeles
Lol, you have a lot of agents ready to serve you. If you still need me, Send your information to me at , and I will work with you...

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