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I stayed at Hotel Arirang by Busan Station. It was nice, had internet access, train and subway was only a few minutes walk. The hotel itself is decent, not the cheapest but really convenient. So, if convenience is what you are looking for, around W50-70,000 a night depending if it is a weekday/weekend night.
Thanks for the mail. appreciate your response.
Maybe my page has an error, but I don't see a question. Only "busan stay"...

The three areas of Busan that many travelers find useful are 1) near the main train station (Busan Station), 2) near Hyeundae Beach, and 3) near the night life strip.

Hotels can be booked online and probably start at 150,000 won. Motels, love motels, yeo-gwans are 40,000 to 100,000 won. They don't do online bookings and most have comforters they use repeatedly rather than western style clean sheets.
Yes there are many places to stay in the 35/50 thousand won price range which is approx $35/50 $us .Some of them are very good value and nearly all of them are very clean.As well as the 3 places mentioned in the above answer I would recommend Sangnam International House near Pusan National University which is an international hotel and close to a vibrant student area and also not far from Beomosa Temple which is the most famous buddhist temple in Busan.It depends what you are looking for .Hyuandae beach is the most famous beach and popular holiday spot and so good to stay there if you are coming for relaxing holiday.
Thanks for the reply and wondering what would be the best time to visit korea.
thanks - amir
what is your the object of the visit???
if you have just visit for holiday, you can go to beautiful beach side(-haeundae,gwangali,song-jeong...) and go to mountain & temple side(-beomeo temple, haedong yonggung temple, samgwang temple, jangan temple, chungnyeol Shrine...), and city side(-seo myeon, nam po-dong, around buasn national univ,around kyeong sung univ) can see something else,too!! and if you wanna sea sports, ask to me~
Thanks for the reply and it helps. I would be visiting for holiday.
If you want to stay for a few days. You can stay in Arirang Hotel it cost you 50/70,000 won $50/$70 and you go around in the foreigner street were you find some different people,Nopo-dong, gwangali, hyundae, and so many to mention. There are some good small motel too were it is comfortable also too stay. I hope you will try them too for a few nights if you are so tired. It cost you 30/50,000 won per night, International Hotel is quiet good too. Ask for the lowest price so that they will give you a discount. I think some of the hotel are mention already with the other locals here which are good to stay also if you cannot find them please write the address that you want to visit here. That is the most important to do because some of them they do not speak English only Korean language. Good luck and enjoy your travel here in South Korea
thanks for the reply. I will try to look you if and when i visit. It will be for holidays. thanks again - Amir

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