Will be in Craddock for few days ...what interesting to do or see there


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Craddock is quite a bit inland from where I live. The only times I've been there are when roadtripping for Joburg, and we stop there for petrol and a snack. But I have some friends who rave about the private game reserves and the hunting in the area. So if you're into hunting you might want to investigate that. Some historical buildings too, churches and such. Quiet, small place.
As far as I know there isnt much to see or do in Cradock. Best would be to travel to the other towns nearby. Also ask at the local travel agency.
You should go on the Eastern Cape Tourism Board web page.
Firstly unforgettable sunsets and snow in winter.The annual Fish River Canoe Marathon, visit the annual Cradock Agricultural show.Not too far outside Cradock visit the Mountain Zebra National Park, 280sq kilometer park,home of the Cape Mountain Zebra with over 40 reptile species, 100 varieties of mammals, over 200 species of birds. Historical buildings including Olive Schreiner Museum,author of The Story of an African Farm,memoirs of Anglo-Boer War on Salpeterkop.Hot spring resort.Fishing from various dams and river.Top accomodation and camping available.Tanquility supreme.
Cradock is situated in the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa. At the end of the fourth frontier war between the Xhosa tribe and white settlers, Sir John Cradock, Governor of the Cape, thought there was a need for two new frontier strongholds. He built Grahamstown in the east and Cradock in the northeast.

The town of Cradock was founded on the banks of the Great Fish River in 1812. The original farm homestead was converted into a jail and other official buildings were added as the need arose. The original Dutch Reformed Church, which dominates the town, was built as a duplicate of St Martins-in-the-field in London. The architectural style was apparently chosen as an antidote to the homesickness suffered by the Minister's wife who came from London. The consecration ceremony of the church was delayed by an hour as the builder refused to hand over the keys to the church until he was paid in full. A hat was hurriedly passed around and the money raised with pledges and notes. Today the town is a centre for production of wool, mohair, beef, lucerne, dairy and fruit. The hot sulphur springs have been developed into a resort frequented by people with rheumatism and similar disabilities. The town itself is a goldmine of national monuments, interesting sights and friendly people. Amakhulu Central Reservations
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here is more werbsite of the place
Hi There,
If there's a great hideaway to visit-that would be Hoggsback in the Eastern Cape.Great walks, scenary-LOVELY LOCALS!!
Hi there, kindly find herewith the information as per your request :

Cradock hosts the Great Fish River Canoe Marathon with over 1000 paddlers every year.

The natural sulphur springs near Cradock provide luxurious relaxation at spas with both open-air and indoor heated swimming pools.

The many historical buildings that still retain their charm and splendour. The Olive Schreiner House is home to one of our most famous authors. You can hike for 4 hours to see her grave at the summit of the Buffelskop Mountain.

The Mountain Zebra National Park, which provides sanctuary for the rare Cape Mountain Zebra, is located just west of Cradock.

The building in Dundas Street in Cradock, which houses the Cradock Club, was constructed around 1850. The Cradock Club was established in 1881, the same year that the railway line from Port Elizabeth reached the town.

During the Anglo-Boer War, which took place between 1899 and 1902, the club was used as a mess by officers of the Sherwood Forresters Regiment, who out of gratitude donated their Burmese Teak dining room table, twelve chairs and a writing table to the club. The items of furniture are still in excellent condition, and priceless, and stand in the dining room of the club.

Throughout the town of Cradock visitors will see a number of Quercus Ilex Oak trees, which are said to be among the oldest in the world. Some of these ancient trees which were planted in 1850 still stand in the front garden of the Cradock Club.

For more information regarding time schedules of the Cradock Club contact publicity Officer Chris Lategan on (048)8812383, or the barman at the club on (048)8812889

Eight kilometers out of Cradock, on the Queenstown Road, visitors will find Egg Rock. The rock is an imposing ten meter high, egg-shaped dolerite rock. It it estimated to weigh nearly 500 tons, and sits precariously balanced on seemingly unsteady material.

The southern side of the Egg Rock has a piece missing, supposedly damaged by fierce lightning in 1937. A trip to the rock, although fairly near to the town, provides visitors with a sense of restful solitude, and a chance to experience the typical Karoo charm. The road to Egg Rock is in a reasonable condition.

Egg Rock is situated on municipal property and visitors must first obtain a permit, and pay a deposit for the gate key: (R10 returned on receipt of gate key). For more information contact Mrs. S. van Heerden at the Municipal Offices on (048)8811515

The Great Fish River Museum in Cradock is located behind the town hall, and is housed in the second Dutch Reformed Church Parsonage. The building was erected in 1849, and was declared a national monument in 1971.

The first to occupy the building was Rev. John Taylor, who baptized President Paul Kruger of the old South African Republic, in the Dutch Reformed Church. His name can still be seen in the register.

The museum serves as a monument to the hard lives led by the pioneer settlers in area, and depicts their history in the Eastern Province between 1840 and 1900. The museum exhibits a wide range of historical items which include various pieces of furniture, ceramics and old photographs. The museum also features a coach house, an ox wagon, a four-horse cart, a Cape cart and a hearse dating back to the early settlers period. The garden is a typical example of a parsonage garden of 100 years ago.

The Great Fish River Museum is open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 16:00, as well as on Saturdays from 8:00 to 12:00. For information contact Mrs. Joubert on (048)8814509.

The National Park is home to one of the world's rarest mammals, the Cape mountain zebra. Today there are some 200 roaming the park with surplus animals being relocated to other reserves.

In addition to the Cape mountain zebra, there are black wildebeest, blesbok, duiker, eland, klipspringer, mountain reedbuck, red hartebeest, springbok and steenbok. More than 200 bird species have been recorded.

There are several nature trails lasting from a few hours to a full day as well as the 3 day 31 km Mountain Zebra Hiking Trail.

game drives
night drives
hiking trails
San paintings
picnic areas

Mammals: Cape mountain zebra, black rhinoceros, Cape buffalo
Birdlife: black eagle , black harrier, booted eagle and ostrich, blue crane, Stanley's bustard

- 25 km west of Cradock off the R61.

Glad to be of service, should you require any more info, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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thanks for this detailed reply
Craddock has a number of hiking trails. The famous Van Riebeek Karoo Gardens, with the renowned "egg rock".
24km out of town you will find the Mountain Zebra National Park. It also boasts really good health spa's. You can take part in paragliding, Mountain biking in some of the most beautiful country. Bird watching or go on a scenic flight. Hope this helps. Please contact me if we can be of assistance with regard to bookings etc. Regards.
There is the Cradock Church, Olive Schriener House, there is also an interesting museum focusing on the Fish River. The 5 star mountain zebra national park is well worth the trip, and who could leave the area without visiting the vibrant Van Riebeek Karoo garden.
Although I do not live in or near Craddock, I can not give specifics of what and where to do. However, as with all our towns and small cities within Southern Africa each has its own characteristics and local history.
Example being, if you travel to the Cape Province from any of the Northern area, Gauteng as an example, you more or less have to drive through their, as this is a major junction.
If you tell me what is your general interests and hobbies are I will be able to research and put together a detailed list of activities for you.
In general, however, all over South Africa, you will see a wide variety of flora and fauna, a wide variety of birds, as it is now spring the raptors and other migrants have started to return from the northern hemisphere.
Also great general scenery and excellent light if you are an avid photographer.
The local golf course may allow day visitors and some of the local courses are a challenge because of their uniqueness.
Should you wish to have a more detailed and specific planned activities then allow me to give you a detailed quote.
Many thanks.

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