Im going to Tokyo for 3 days in Feb in Higashi Shinjuku. Recommendations to places to visit, and private spas? thx in advance.


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Higashi Shinjuku is whith in Shinjuku ward.

My recommandation, Shinjuku Gyoen and Metropolitan building is a must for first time visitor.

For night life, Tokyo station Southern Terrace has many cafe. Well, the Kabukicho is a must for foreign traveller if you are looking for fun. Private spas? You means public bath house or Turkish bath? Local public bath is kind of hard for tourist to enter. You can try Oedo bath at Odaiba.

Have a nice stay
Thank you for your question...Tokyo is just a few minutes by train from
Shinjuku and so as into Harajuku, Roppongi and Ueno as to Akasaka etc.,
Therefore you should not have problem in seeing more of Japan in 3 days...
English is now well spokn in most tourist information desk and so as hotels...
so you may ask at your nearest tourist information desk and most hotels have
a guide map compared to 20 years back....You should have a problem..
It would be best to make a list of what you would like to do on day , two and
the 3rd day ..before visiting the tourist information desk at your hotel.....
This would save them recommend the best in town ...there is so many
so depending on what your whole day schedules like you can alsmot a best sport
anywhere in Shinjuku.....
please visit/enjoy at Ueno Zoo and Tokyo Disneyland(3days not enough for visit) also very hard winter now at Tokyo.please take care.
I am just wondering where you are staying? There are not many hotels in that part of town - perhaps you are staying with friends or a smaller business hotel. Shinjuku is the nearest major hub and from there 2 stops to Meiji Jingu, a major park and shrine. Meiji Jingu has Harajuku on the other side of it which flows onto Omotesando and that is always good for a stroll to absorb the energy of people frenetically shopping and consuming. What do you mean by private spas? Public bath-houses? Plenty of them around but the language barrier may keep you out.

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