Hi. I moved to Seoul from the UK last month and was wondering where are the best places to go out on the weekends? Where do I need to...

...go to find the best clubs?


Country: South Korea


at Gangnam.
'Volume' at Iteawon.
'Answer' at Apgujung.
Thanks for the list of clubs. Had a look at their website and looks really good. :-)
Hongdae area has many restaurants, dance clubs, and bars. Some are free for foreigners.
Hongdae (Honk ik university) is definitly the best place.
A lot of clubs and restaurant in a very lively ambiance.
On friday night you can buy a pass witch allow you to go in all the clubs you want, all around the night. And it's very cheap.
Itaewon is also a very good place, and safe like everywhere in Korea.
You can have more information on the website of the tourisme office of Korea (Google)
Thanks for the info. Where can I get those pass? Do I need to by them online?
Only one thing: The friday night pass is only on the last friday of each month... you can get it at any of the participating clubs. Not all clubs in Hongdae participate, but most do. All you have to do is look at the entrance if they are selling the passes which are the bracelet type that you have to rip off later to get them off.
Hope you enjoy!!!
I hope you can find those things in the website.

thanks. the websites were very helpful. :-)
Hongdae is definately the best place if you want to go clubbing.

The are a few really nice places in Itaewon. 3 Alley Pub, Geckos, Seoul Pub as well as small places intermixed in the fray.

The gangnam area has a few good clubs as does Apkujeong. But still your best bet for something close to the UK club scene is going to be Hongdae.
thanks for the advice. i think i'll try out hongdae. like you said it's really similar to the UK clubs.
The best way is reading at the Korean English-based newspapers either on Thursday or Friday - you may find their websites on any search tool. They list the best options for entertainment, including the clubs as well.
It really depends on what you want to do. For Galleries and nice bruch, go to Samchung-dong. For clubs, HongDae and Itaewon as everybody already recommend. If you want quiet and cozy for brunch + a little shopping(Clothes and shoes), go to Sinsa, Garosu-Road, but it would be more crowded and lively in the evening for nice cafes outside. This is the hippest place recently in Seoul.
You should subscribe to Seoul magazine and you'll get useful info every month about what's going on. Look at .
Hi~! The city is dotted with places Koreans like to go out at night and so just about any place you are/live has nightlife within walking distance. However, most westerners enjoy walking around the Hong-dae (Hong-ik University) area due to its high concentration of western style dance clubs and bars. Itaewon is great for non-Korean food. Ask some Korean co-workers/friends out and have a great time!
hey~ hows it going~ yeah sure~ since I am one of the club maninac I can surly tell you all the best clubs in Seoul where there are a lot of celebrities coming. But dont worry cuz its not expensive and open to everyone.
there is a street called Kang nam,hong dae, sin chon! and apgujeong.
these are the 4 most famous place for drinking and clubbing.
for kang nam there is (MASS, club NB, Club M2 , club harlem)
the top 4 of the kang nam station, for hong dae, there are about 20clubs on the street but not as famous as the ones that are in kang nam. But since there are a lot of clubs in hong dae compare to kang nam its called the culb town.
you might see a lot of teens around, for the last apgujeon there is club call "eden", "circel" "garden" "club Answer."
these culbs in Apgujeong are a little bit expensive compare to others but because of that reason there are a lot of rich and good looking people.
I with it helped:) and it was nice meeting you~ we could be friends and since I have german french and UK exchange student around me maybe we could go clubing all together if you guys want~ I can show you the direction~
this is my e mail and 010 4166 7396 my call me if you want to hang out or need any help:)
talk to ya little later~~~~
I would have to say your best bet is Itaewon or Shinchon area. The Etaewon or Itaewon area is located near the US Army base. It used to be the only hang out for non natives in Korea. But after a few years, non natives were allowed in the clubs in Shinchon. The Shinchon area is the university district of Seoul. Most of these clubs are located between the Hapjong Station and the Shinchon subway stations on the green line (2) which is in the northwest section of Seoul. Most native speakers want jobs near this area in order to be near the action. A good webpage for club ads is
Now that you have your answer for what to do in Seoul, might I suggest something outside of Seoul for when you get tired of the same old routine?
Try hopping on the KTX (rapid train) to Busan. It takes less than 3 hours, and you can enjoy both fun under the sun, and a cool nightlife. FYI there is a fireworks festival coming up on Saturday October 17th. I suggest you mark your calendar and go see it. It will definitely be worth it.
The KTX ticket will cost 51,200 Won one way, which is about 26 Pounds. And there is a large number of clean hotels and motels you can stay at for a relatively cheap price. Usually it's cheaper to make reservations through an online website specializing in hotels and accomodations. I would recommend the Trip Advisor site as a good source of information and reviews in English.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy your life here in Korea!
If you really want to see only clubs, and are tired of Seoul. Check out the other bigger cities in the country, after Seoul ie. Daegu, and Busan.

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