where to eat in a budget in shinjuku?


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Look for the small places with vending machines that advertise prices outside for things like curry, udon, ramen, tempura etc. Saizeriya is a low priced Italian chain. For sushi find the revolving (kaitenzushi ya). Of course there is McD's with 100JPY burgers. These places will get you a meal for 500JPY to 1000JPY. Convenience stores will have cheap onigiri (rice balls) for around 130JPY
at stand up noodle shops.
You should try "Golden Gai" on the East side of the station. Small sized bars in narrow alleyways open when the sun goes down. A great, original experience.
Golden Gai has various shops. Some may not be that inexpensive. It would be wise to ask what their menu and prices are before settling down for a meal.

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