i will be in tokyo for two days. i collect sneakers. where is the best place to shop?


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


For example, If you are near to Shinjuku.

I recommend you to visit Ameyoko, Ueno. There are various sneaker shops in Ameyoko like ABC Mart, Murasaki Sports, etc.

Go to Shibuya or Harajuku on the Yamanote JR train line. In Shibuya, go to a building called "109" right across the world's busiest intersection for people crossing. You will find many weird and custom made clothes and shoes, sneakers in there. In Harajuku, go across the street to a street called Takeshita Dori, and walk down this most trendy small shops teenager area. There will be many small shops again with custom-made clothes, shoes, trend-leading or also just different and weird or great designs! Yamanote JR Train line and these two stations should be easy to find and access from almost anywhere in Tokyo. Everyone will know. Hope this helps and good luck!
The Ameyoko district of Ueno would be the best to buy vintage ones. If you are not picky about that kind of stuff and happy with getting normal sneakers, you can easily get what you want from a show store or department store. But your shoe size will matter with you, if it is bigger than 28cm (9 or 10 in US size). Most of stores in Tokyo hardly carry bigger size shoes than 8. I always use Hikari Store in Ameyoko. But your choices would be so limited.

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