Looking for one bedroom house to rent in Negril that is grilled and has a fridge and gas stove/oven and washroom/shower. I plan to...

...come there for a month in July 2010.


Country: Jamaica


Do you have a budget in mind? There are options available. Do you want to be on the beach or not?
Hi, I need to know the basic prices .. beach not important, but very close to main roads. Just basic shower, washroom, bedroom, kitchen.
i'll certainly do checks on that for you, but please do give me your budget so that i can work with it
yes i can arrange that for u let me know your buget and i wil work things out for u.
I have private listings, your security,privacy and convenience comes first.e-mail me
Welcome welcome welcome , budget is important and a room with all them request can range from US$70.00 - 200.00 per day so Call
sorri its took so long to get back to u i have been unable to connect onto this site... as the others said it will really depend on ur budget. There is one part of negril u shouldnt look for accommodation but other than there anywhere else is ok to rent, i have friends who could accommodate u with a room, shower, cooking facilities and safety... all important. It is on the main road into negril, aobut a 10 min walk to the west end whihc is the heart of negril. If u want to stay in the west end be prepared to pay a lot more than any other part of negril as it is along the coast... Either wasy i do hope u enjoy ur stay, i should be out there by the end of nov and stayin til august next year, so depending on wot ur lookin for look me up nearer the time.
I will definately check on it for u.
You can check out
My friend lived and worked in Negril and is more familiar with the Town than I am she is willing to help me chose a suitable accommodation for you so please send further information near to the time of your arrival
There are a number of homes to rent in Negril and much of this has to do with where you want to live and how much you want to spend. Homes just outside Negril are far less expensive and homes on the beach are the most expensive. How many people are staying with you and what kind of services do you require? Are you in need of daily housekeeping or cook services? How about transportation? Will you require a driver or car to rent?

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