What are your top 5 destinations to go to in thailand and malaysia? I will be travelling from bangkok to singapore in november for 1...

...month. How cheap is the country for food, clothes, gifts for example?


Country: Thailand


There are lots of places to visit in Thailand and KL. You can visit Grand Palace, Tiger Temple, Dream Worlds and Ride around Bangkok area. In KL, mainly is the City but be aware the Taxi diver. They always ask for more when they notice you are a travler.

Foods and Shopping. Depends on your budget. You can eat a chicken rice on the street around USD 1.5, or go to High Class resteraunt cost around USD 100 per person.

If you fancy cooking. We have cooking class start from USD 25 for half day. Also, we provide lots of sighseeing sessions and You may interest one of them.

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Wow that is a big question I think you need to state a budget and have you been here before
Bangkok is a great city for sure has many things to see and great value for money with food and shopping
Your profile does not list your likes and dislikes.
This is a very big question to answer if I do not know what you like, and your budget.
The country is not cheap, but cheap copy ripoffs are always around, don't worry they will find you. Be careful of scams and so-called good cheap deals please?
Foos and shopping is cheaper in Thailand exept for electronics :-)
My favorite places in Thailand is Phuket/Krabi and suorounding Islands like Phi Phi Island, koh Lipe amd Koh Lanta.
Chiang Mai amd the north of thailand is where you find the cheapest prices and the reel Thai culture and hospitality.
Kao Sok National park north of Phuket is relaxing for the soul in quiet butiful souroundings :-)
Make up your mind first, then ask targeted questions, please!!!
Top destinations to spent some time in Thailand are Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Koh Samui and Phuket and Krabi.
Food in general is cheap, but if you want to eat in 5 star hotels you'll end up paying as much as abroad. Clothes and gifts they have in all price categories. It depend how much you want to spend.

for me, the top 5 destinations are Bangkok, Ayutthaya (the old capital and world heritage), Chiang mai, Phuket and Krabi (or Koh Samui) . It s depend also on your budget and duration for trip. If you want to travel from Thailand to SIN across Malaysia, I suggest to start trip from Bangkok and go down to Phuket, Phu Phi islands and Krabi, then you can stop at Hat Yai for shopping before enter Malaysia.
Anyways, Chiang mai and the north also highly recommended since form 1 Nov. ibecome colder in the north and it s best season there!
Thank you everyone who replied except mr grumpy.
I really am open to go to any city. Our budget is quite limited but we would anticipate about £1000 each for 4 weeks perhaps. Can i do a lot with this? I would like to scuba dive and see many nice sites. i would also like to eat good food but not necessarily 5 star quality just good food that is reasonably priced. Thanks
Don't miss Koh Lanta. It's my current fav island. You can read about it on my blog on You can go there by ferry from Phuket.
Also China Town in KL is bargain central. You can get lost in there for hours only to leave because you will have too many bags to carry.
Malaysia : for the beach you must go to Langkawi, Penang Island. Kuala Lumpur is a must for shopping, food, and the TWIN towers ;) If you like the casino and cool air then Genting Highlands will be it. 5th place would be Melaka for the Portugese settlements, antiques, and good cheap food.

Where do you originate? Depending on what your currency is,most things in Msia and Thailand are considered very cheap for foreigners because of the exchange rate. Local food in Msia will only cost you USD2 per head. Fine dining will cost about USD50 per person. Branded clothes like Nike, Adidas costs USD45 per piece. All depends on what you buy. There are many fake goods sold in Msia.. but beware with price comes quality!
when you say USD2 do you mean two U.S Dollars? i am british so i deal in £'s. Thanks
Top 5

Chaing Mai
Koh Pi Pi
Koh Lanta
Kuala Lumpur
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5 destination in thailand are bangkok,samui,phuket,pattaya and chiangmai where is medical tourism ,spa tourism etc.
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