Hello, I am looking for a single private room in a guesthouse in Bangkok that has WIFI and is below $10 and NOT a party place, but...

...close enough so I can walk to Khao San Road and get there easily from the airport. If they have a website even better as I'd like to book ahead over the phone (which I know not many like), before I fly in. Any ideas?


Country: Thailand


Read through or and remember, cheap is what you get when you want cheap, but it is not always the better option.
Hi there
Your request is very specific. See Graham's suggestions.
I would add . Your choices at your own risks. Have fun
Around Khaosan road there are many guesthouses but I don't think they offer wifi-service which is actually no problem with many internetshops around.

They are a lot of guest house in Soi Khao San Rd. Why don't you book room there.
look at , wifi you can almost get everywhere in Bangkok for free , just search around.
I live in BKK. Never understood why people visiting always want to go to Kao San Road. There you will only find other foreigners. Why not just go to Europe? Cause that's what you will find on Kao San... Europeans. Or Thai's working a scam. If you want to actually experience real BKK, then you are better off just outside the tourist areas, on for example Pahon Yothin Road, Lat Prao Road, or Ram Intra Road, where everything is really cheap, almost nobody speaks English, but are friendly and you will have a real experience.

But you will not find anything for $10. Maybe $20 a night, with wi/fi.
Khoa Sarn Road (or Banglamphu area) is not a bad place at all and has a very special atmosphere. On top of that you get everything there, including secondhand English (and other languages) books, and fellow travelers sometimes have worthwhile info to share. And it is located very conveniently (close to the main sites and temples and to the river for easy commuting.
I very often read, that Thai people like to take advantage of foreign guests. On average this is absolutely wrong! In every country you have bad sheep, and in Thailand the average of those people is not higher than elsewhere.
My advice: come here and shop around a little until you find what suits you. Booking via internet is convenient, however via internet they can sell you anything! There is never a shortage of rooms being available.
Further to my earlier rather general answer, have a look at . However this one is certainly not in the 10USD range. A pity, if you cannot afford!
Your profile dosen't say any thing about you , specially your age!.10 US dollars is about Roughly 330 bht, give and take , and for that price , only a back packer would find something suitable around Kaosan road.For some body going over the hill ,and particular , may not find that situation the most desirable.But, dont get me wrong!, not every thing around Kaosan rd is for back backers, as matter of fact , they have quite nice hotels, but, they sure won't be for 10 dollars a night,specially , the high season is almost around the corner!. Any way, you might find this website useful too. . Good luck!
khao san rd, has many cheap guest houses, and also many falungs, It may have been a good place to stay 20 or so years ago, but not anymore. its a zoo. If u do prefer to be in that area, just go out a little, or even bankok noi, across the river, or china town area. doubt if U will get a room with wifi for $10. google it.
The small streets around Kao San have a lot of cheap rooms. I would recomend you go there and look around and find something you like. Most of these cheap places dont have a reliable reservation system.

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